Zach Gelb: Not Firing Matt Canada Is ‘The Definition, Quite Frankly, Of Jackassery’ - world News Update

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On Friday’s section of nan Zach Gelb Show, CBS Sports Radio big Zach Gelb said that Pittsburgh Steelers violative coordinator Matt Canada should beryllium fired if nan discourtesy grounded to outscore a Cleveland Browns squad starting rookie QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Well, lo and behold, nan Steelers mislaid nan crippled 13-10 and nan discourtesy looked perfectly dreadful extracurricular of RB Jaylen Warren.

So erstwhile Gelb kicked disconnected nan Monday section of his show, it should astonishment perfectly nary 1 that he called again for Canada’s firing. However, he aimed a ample magnitude of his commentary astatine Pittsburgh caput coach Mike Tomlin.

“You request to do something,” Gelb said. “Because doing thing makes absolutely, positively zero sense, and it’s nan definition, rather frankly, of jackassery. Even though Mike Tomlin is simply a really bully coach, and I’m not sitting present advocating for Mike Tomlin to beryllium fired… You still person to find a measurement to meet nan standard.”

The taxable of “The Standard” is simply a large 1 astir nan Steelers and Tomlin. However, if you’re caller to nan team, you’d astir apt deliberation that nan modular is simply non-losing seasons. While Tomlin’s streak of seasons without a losing grounds is perfectly unthinkable and should beryllium celebrated, this is Pittsburgh. The anticipation is contention for nan Super Bowl and capturing much Lombardi trophies, not conscionable finishing seasons astatine .500 aliases above.

Gelb contends that nan discourtesy is what is holding nan Steelers back, and location is nary statement against that. After Sunday’s loss, Pittsburgh’s defense averages 19.5 points per crippled allowed, nan seventh-best people successful nan league. The squad averages 16.6 points per crippled which is 28th successful nan league. The numbers get worse erstwhile you recognize that 2 of nan touchdowns that went into nan wide figures were scored by nan defense.

However, nan statement is known for being diligent and loyal while giving nan caput coaches (only 3 since 1969!) a batch of power and leeway. It’s simultaneously why Gelb says that it’s each up to Tomlin while expecting thing to really happen.

“It’s connected Mike Tomlin, who is really nan CEO of nan Steelers correct now,” Gelb said. He needs to make nan change. I said this connected Friday and I’ll opportunity it again: I don’t expect immoderate alteration to occur, but it doesn’t mean I request to beryllium present and beryllium silent… We request to clasp Mike Tomlin accountable because nan Steelers utilized to beryllium this proud, successful, winning organization.”

Gelb goes further successful connected Tomlin arsenic nan 1 who is yet responsible for nan situation. It’s evident that Gelb is simply a Tomlin supporter, but Tomlin is nan 1 who has some nan powerfulness and nan work for what goes connected pinch nan Steelers.

“What are you doing to effort to put yourself successful a amended position?” Gelb asked. “That’s my problem pinch Mike Tomlin correct now. If it’s loyalty, if it’s stubbornness, if it’s stupidity, immoderate it is, aliases possibly Choice D, each nan above, it’s gotta change… If Mike Tomlin is superior astir winning, if Mike Tomlin wants to triumph a playoff crippled which he hasn’t done since 2016, Mike Tomlin wants to get nan Steelers backmost to winning playoff games and winning a Super Bowl, he’s sewage to spell backmost to nan drafting committee this offseason. You request a caller violative coordinator, and adjacent year, you request a caller quarterback. Because you person a title defense, but you person nan furthest point from a title offense.”

The worst portion of this is that Canada really had an reply connected Sunday but grounded to usage that reply astatine nan extremity of nan game. As I said earlier, Warren had himself a time against Cleveland. Warren was portion of nan third-straight crippled wherever nan Steelers rushed for complete 160 yards. He had 9 carries for 129 yards (74 of them did travel connected a azygous touchdown carry) while besides contributing 3 catches for 16 yards.

However, erstwhile Pittsburgh sewage nan shot backmost pinch 1:42 to play astatine their ain 30-yard statement successful a necktie game, Warren did not touch nan ball. In fact, his past touch of nan crippled came connected nan erstwhile thrust pinch nan Steelers facing a 3rd-and-15 from nan Cleveland 45. He sewage a speedy walk from QB Kenny Pickett that only gained 2 yards. That was aft posting 3 plays connected nan erstwhile thrust that covered complete 10 yards and helped group up nan game-tying section goal.

When it’s crunch clip and an violative coordinator doesn’t look to nan subordinate who was performing nan champion up to that point, it doesn’t look good. Jaylen Warren had a profession day, averaging 12.1 yards per touch pinch 145 yards from scrimmage positive nan aforementioned touchdown.

For him to spot truthful small engagement pinch nan crippled connected nan statement precocious could beryllium viewed arsenic a fireable offense. Then you tin facet successful that Canada called 3 consecutive passing plays pinch nether 2 minutes to spell pinch a backmost who had only completed 15 passes for 106 yards and had already been sacked 3 times. It ne'er gave nan discourtesy a chance to get started connected a imaginable game-winning thrust and alternatively gave Cleveland a chance astatine nan aforesaid since nan 3 passes only ran 14 seconds disconnected nan clock.

Yet Gelb, for illustration astir people, believes that thing will alteration earlier nan extremity of nan season. Tomlin and nan Steelers will constituent to nan 6-4 grounds and still being successful nan heavy of nan playoff title arsenic capable logic to support everything together.

Unfortunately for Pittsburgh’s defense and nan fans, that intends sticking pinch a play-caller who isn’t bringing nan second-year backmost along. Pickett’s completion percent is down 2 and a half percent points from his rookie season. He’s throwing for 12.7 yards per crippled less, and he was only throwing for almost precisely 185 yards per crippled arsenic a rookie.

Yes, Pickett has seen a flimsy uptick successful his touchdown percent from 1.8 to 2.1 percent. He’s besides turning complete nan shot overmuch less. However, nary 1 is calling 2023 a successful twelvemonth for him. The Steelers person won acknowledgment to their defense, and Sunday was a caller debased for Pickett and nan passing game. He posted his second-lowest completion percent of nan play and he threw for his lowest number of yards, not including nan Jacksonville Jaguars crippled wherever he only played a half. He besides only averaged 3.8 yards per attempt.

So what’s next? As Gelb asked, what is Tomlin doing to put himself and his squad successful a amended position? The results connected nan section for nan discourtesy look to opportunity not a full lot. So thing needs to change, but it appears that isn’t apt until nan offseason. Then we tin buss different play of nan careers of T.J. Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Cam Heyward goodbye.

Of, and for nan record, nan meaning of jackassery is foolishness aliases stupidity. Hard to reason pinch Gelb’s eloquent if not colorful characterization of nan situation.