Woman found dead inside the trunk of car after Quartz Hill garage fire - world News Update

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Los Angeles County firefighters responding to a car shed occurrence astatine a Lancaster area location connected Wednesday recovered nan assemblage of a female stuffed wrong nan trunk of a burned-out car.

Firefighters responded to nan occurrence connected 38th Street West successful nan Quartz Hill vicinity conscionable aft 8 a.m., quickly extinguishing nan blaze, according to Ed Pickett, supervising occurrence dispatcher astatine nan Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Crews searched nan car shed and discovered nan woman’s assemblage wrong nan trunk of nan car, Pickett said. The investigation was past turned complete to nan Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Details astir nan woman’s identity, whether she lived successful nan location and really she whitethorn person died were not instantly available. A study from KCAL-TV news said nan female was an simple schoolhouse coach successful Palmdale.

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