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The European Super League is backmost among nan headlines successful nan footballing world aft nan European Court of Justice ruled FIFA and UEFA attempts to artifact nan statement of nan convention successful 2021.

Both governing bodies threatened to enforce dense sanctions connected nan 12 clubs that were founders of nan title pinch Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur taking portion from nan Premier League, Italian clubs Inter Milan, Juventus, and AC Milan, and La Liga clubs Atlético Madrid, Barcelona, and Real Madrid.

The statement led to wide protests from supporters, pinch nan Premier League and UEFA slamming nan thought of a caller Super League. However, nan backlash has now been ruled unlawful successful nan eyes of nan ECJ which judge UEFA and FIFA were abusing their marketplace power by threatening to punish clubs who wanted to break away.

Now, the ESL has announced a marque caller 64-team format which will see nary imperishable members. The revised format for nan title would spot 64 men's and 32 women's teams playing midweek successful a convention strategy crossed Europe, pinch nan criteria astir nan statement based connected 'sporting merit'.

The three-tier title includes nan 'Star League' (16 clubs), nan 'Gold League' (16 clubs) and 'Blue League' (32 clubs) and will dwell of yearly promotion and relegation betwixt leagues while promotion into nan 'Blue League' would beryllium based upon home convention performance.

So far, astatine 1pm connected Thursday December 21, Manchester United and Bayern Munich person slammed nan caller format, pinch nan Bundesliga giants viewing it arsenic "as an onslaught connected nan value of nan nationalist leagues."

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Any determination arsenic to whether Chelsea will springiness nan caller European Super League is now successful nan hands of Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali. The club's co-controlling owners person caused contention themselves successful shot since takeover astatine Stamford Bridge, spending complete £1billion connected caller signings.

As football.london reported successful September, it's understood Boehly and Eghbali expect nan earning imaginable of nan Premier League to proceed to turn successful years to come. And pinch nan caller Champions League exemplary group to beryllium introduced, nan travel of finances is arsenic large arsenic ever.

"I ne'er opportunity difficult nos, I for illustration to support options alive, but it [joining a European Super League] is not thing that we are talking astir astatine all," Boehly said astatine nan SALT Conference successful September.

"I deliberation nan Champions League has a large constituent of that already. You person nan champion clubs playing each different each season. There's already a batch of that. If you triumph nan Champions League, you triumph complete €100million (£88.5million). You triumph nan Masters and make a mates of cardinal bucks.

"I deliberation you tin do that successful nan summertime [play Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich] much often, and location are different ways to do that. I deliberation that nan passion nan fans person for nan athletics arsenic it is, is truthful beardown past I can't envisage that changing."

Eghbali, who plays a much silent domiciled astatine nan nine successful Boehly, echoed his co-controlling partner's comments. He told football.london: "I deliberation nan athletics needs much premium high-quality matches and contented but it doesn't person to beryllium a Super League.

"Todd [Boehly] went location connected an All-Star Game, nan shot talent title aliases draught generates £200million to £300million of gross connected a Monday aliases Tuesday each year, nary of that exists successful nan EPL. Could location beryllium an EPL versus Serie A game? Could you spot pre-season matches producing much premium contented connected nan pitch? You could.

"But structurally, fixed really botched that [ESL] section was does anybody person immoderate appetite for thing for illustration that? A mates of teams successful Spain do and they are vocal astir it, but everyone other doesn't want to spell location anymore."

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