WGA Petitions the Emmys to Give the Comedians Their Airtime - world News Update

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By Jason P. Frank, a Vulture writer covering comedy, theater, and music

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The WGA has recovered a caller challenger, and hopefully this 1 shall beryllium vanquished soon arsenic well. The statement released a petition — signed by hundreds of writers successful solidarity pinch nan nominees — connected December 19 demanding that nan 75th Emmy Awards aerial nan Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series/Special categories during their main broadcast. The category’s removal was announced successful November, according to Deadline, pinch it being replaced by “Variety Special (Live).” Previously, Writing for a Variety Series/Special alternated pinch each different to beryllium broadcast connected premier time. “Writing is nan bedrock of assortment programming, and it is unthinkable that nan Television Academy would take to sideline our publication to nan genre only months aft writers spent 148 days connected onslaught to person nan nickname we merit for nan activity we thief create,” the petition, which was signed by hundreds of writers, says.

The aforesaid time arsenic nan petition, nan WGA besides released a letter signed by a prime group of 14 writers eligible successful nan Variety category, including Michael Che and Colin Jost, Jimmy Fallon, Amber Ruffin, and John Oliver. “Our programs could not beryllium without nan tremendous activity of our writers — arsenic proven by nan writers’ onslaught that unopen down precocious nighttime tv for 148 days,” nan missive states. “The Academy’s determination devalues their work, and our series, by sidelining writers from being honored during nan Emmys’ main telecast.”

The class is presently group to aerial arsenic portion of nan Creative Arts Emmys connected January 6 and 7. The Primetime Emmys, meanwhile, will aerial connected January 15 hosted by Anthony Anderson. Next year? Who knows, seeing arsenic astir of nan imaginable hosts conscionable signed a missive astir really huffy they are astatine nan Emmys.

WGA Petitions nan Emmys to Give nan Comedians Their Airtime