Two reasons why Arsenal can end Liverpool curse and extend Premier League title advantage - world News Update

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Arsenal will look Liverpool astatine Anfield pinch plentifulness of assurance arsenic they look to widen their lead astatine nan apical of nan Premier League table. The Gunners arguably person their champion chance of beating nan Reds connected their location spot successful nan past 10 years.

There are 2 cardinal reasons down this. Declan Rice and William Saliba.

Arsenal will caput into nan crippled conscionable a azygous constituent up of Jurgen Klopp's side erstwhile nan 2 sides meet connected Saturday afternoon. The Gunners will beryllium overmuch fresher than nan Reds having had a afloat week to hole for nan fixture.

Meanwhile, Liverpool will person had to strengthen a short turnaround anterior to kick-off astatine 5:30pm connected Saturday - having secured their spot successful nan last-four of nan Carabao Cup pinch a 5-1 triumph against West Ham connected Wednesday evening. Klopp looks group to beryllium without Diogo Jota - a subordinate that has haunted nan Gunners successful caller representation - arsenic good arsenic Alexis Mac Allister and Ryan Gravenberch this play pinch each 3 suffering from injuries and fatigue.

Liverpool stay a immense threat pinch nan likes of Mohamed Salah, Darwin Nunez, Cody Gakpo and Luis Diaz each tin of causing immoderate defence issues. However, Gary Neville and Klopp person some questioned nan Anfield ambiance successful nan past fewer days which whitethorn spot Arsenal caput into a very dispute situation which could spot immoderate squad crumble nether nan pressure.

"I was not overly happy pinch nan atmosphere down me," Klopp said aft nan triumph against West Ham this week. "I wondered what they wanted.

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"We request Anfield connected Saturday, we request Anfield connected their toes without maine being successful an statement pinch their coach aliases whatever. If you're not successful nan correct shape, springiness your summons to personification else."

Klopp's comments will beryllium heard by Liverpool fans and Anfield is apt to respond. Yet, location is still a emotion that Arsenal could origin an upset - thing which has not happened for them since 2012 against nan Reds connected Merseyside.

William Saliba was unavailable for Arsenal erstwhile they drew 2-2 astatine Anfield past season. Rob Holding deputised successful nan Frenchman's absence, but nan truth Saliba is disposable for nan fixture this play is simply a immense boost for Arteta's side.

The 22-year-old has rivalled Virgil van Dijk arsenic nan champion defender successful nan Premier League complete nan past fewer months and his effect successful defence for Arsenal has been akin to that of nan Dutchman for Liverpool. Saliba will connection a consciousness of reassurance and besides supply gait and consciousness to screen nan threat of Salah and Co.

In beforehand of Saliba will beryllium £105million signing Declan Rice. Klopp's broadside person been praised for their expertise to modulation from defence into onslaught - scoring a number of goals connected nan counter-attack this season.

The England world will beryllium pivotal successful stopping nan Reds break connected nan antagonistic and exploiting Arsenal successful transition. Saliba and Rice's effect astatine Anfield could beryllium astronomical and importantly thief nan Gunners' title complaint by helping them widen their advantage astatine nan apical of nan array this weekend.

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