Timothée Chalamet Is Hoarding Unreleased Bob Dylan Songs - world News Update

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For almost 4 years now, nan words Timothée Chalamet Bob Dylan biopic have provoked immoderate operation of morbid curiosity and mild dread successful nan hearts and minds of Dylan fans everywhere. First announced backmost successful January 2020, nan James Mangold–directed film, A Complete Unknown, is allegedly group to spell into accumulation successful early 2024, meaning we’ll each cognize beautiful soon what “Like a Rolling Stone” would sound for illustration if it were alternatively sung by nan vocalist down “Tiny Horse” (a modern classic, to beryllium clear). As prep, Timmy has spent these past 4 years completing a travel that’s basal for immoderate 20-something dude who loves Dylan: tweeting lyrics from “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” and strumming his guitar poolside for a important other. Unlike different young Dylan fans, though, nan Dune star apparently has entree to a monolithic trove of unreleased, early-career Dylan euphony via nan singer’s longtime manager, Jeff Rosen, a shaper connected Complete Unknown.

“This mightiness gain nan ire and wrath of a batch of Bob fans, rightfully,” Chalamet said successful a recent interview pinch Happy Sad Confused’s Josh Horowitz, “but he sent maine for illustration a 12-hour playlist of unreleased Bob worldly from for illustration 1959 to ’64. I consciousness for illustration I’m holding onto golden aliases something.” Chalamet clarified that immoderate of nan euphony is disposable to nan nationalist via bootlegs for illustration The Minnesota Tapes, but ire is still astir apt nan correct connection to picture really it feels to study that Willy Wonka, of each people, gets VIP entree to Bob Dylan’s vault, which is presumably much intimately guarded than nan look for Everlasting Gobstoppers. (Sorry, that’s nan champion Wonka reference I person successful me.)

To his credit, Chalamet seems to admit nan weight of his undertaking successful playing Dylan, going truthful acold arsenic to prosecute nan “entire team” that helped Austin Butler get stuck successful his Elvis voice. Still, it’s difficult to deliberation astir this movie without immoderate measurement of trepidation. As a figure, Dylan is intolerable to pin down — he’s little an easy distilled personification than a prism refracting everything astir him. Unearthing thing worthwhile astir him done movie requires a general engagement pinch that shiftiness. Todd Haynes’s 2007 movie I’m Not There, for instance, is downright experimental, casting six actors (most memorably Cate Blanchett — did she besides get Dylan’s concealed playlist?) to represent different aspects of nan Dylan persona, while Martin Scorsese’s 2019 documentary, Rolling Thunder Revue, incorporated clone interviews alongside existent ones to interrogate Dylan’s conception of truth. With each owed respect, Mangold — who has made immoderate of nan champion dada movies of each time, from Cop Land to Ford v Ferrari, successful summation to nan Johnny Cash biopic Walk nan Line — seems much apt to make nan benignant of straightforward euphony biopic that is precisely incorrect for nan Dylan mythos, moreover if he insists his imagination is much of an “Altman-esque” ensemble piece. Either way, if Mangold wants to gain himself immoderate goodwill from Dylan fans, who will surely person their knives retired for this movie, he’d amended see including a way aliases 2 from Timmy’s individual stash.

Timothée Chalamet Is Hoarding Unreleased Bob Dylan Songs