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It’s clip for AR aficionados to commencement saving, if you haven’t been already, because Apple is getting everything fresh to motorboat nan Apple Vision Pro headset successful February according to a caller report. This follows rumors that it might beryllium delayed until March.

Unnamed sources person told Bloomberg (article down a paywall) that if things spell according to plan, nan first activity of user units will beryllium fresh to vessel astatine nan extremity of January, pinch a unit merchandise planned for February – sticking to nan “early” 2024 merchandise model Apple gave during WWDC 2023 erstwhile nan headset was unveiled.

It’s apparently not conscionable nan merchandise that’s being prepared for an upcoming launch. The study adds that developers creating mixed reality package person precocious been told to “get ready” for nan Vision Pro, and successful January astatine slightest 2 unit members from each US Apple Store branch are supposedly heading to its office for training.

The training is to thief them understand nan analyzable Apple gadget. The headset has a batch of customizable components that request to beryllium calibrated and boxed up in-store (online purchases supposedly won't beryllium available) erstwhile personification buys one. If location are immoderate problems pinch nan process, imaginable buyers whitethorn locomotion retired nan door, aliases moreover return location and unbox a subpar acquisition – thing wholly unacceptable for a gadget that starts astatine $3,499 per headset (around £2,800 / AU$5,300).

But moreover if nan Vision Pro does materialize connected shelves successful February 2024 you’re improbable to really get your hands connected one.

A personification views an image connected a virtual surface while wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset.

Will nan Vision Pro switch your TV? (Image credit: Apple)

A February motorboat for nan fortunate few

Not simply because nan Apple mixed reality headset is priced retired of astir people’s budgets, but because Apple won’t person galore available. 

According to rumors, Apple is only expected to produce 150,000 headsets successful 2024. This deficiency of readiness whitethorn beryllium why nan instrumentality will only beryllium sold successful nan US astatine launch. And that 150,000 fig is for nan full of 2024; acold less devices would beryllium disposable connected its merchandise day – truthful moreover if you unrecorded successful nan US there’s a bully chance you still won’t spot 1 for a while.

The Meta Quest 3 connected a notebook surrounded by pens and schoolhouse supplies connected a desk

The Meta Quest 3 is nan main Vision Pro rival. (Image credit: Meta)

That is, unless nan gadget is wildly unpopular.

While this seems almost intolerable for an Apple product, a operation of value and novelty whitethorn put group disconnected – moreover nan company’s astir rabid fans. What’s more, nan headset is surely nan best VR headset ever made from a earthy hardware perspective, but Apple has yet to show disconnected package that puts these specs to usage successful ways that nan acold cheaper Meta Quest 3 can’t – moreover its iPhone 15 Pro’s spatial video tin play connected Quest hardware. 

It besides has immoderate frankly ridiculous problems specified arsenic a measly two-hour artillery life and (according to immoderate group who person tried it) an uncomfortable design. As I said above, pinch a $3,499 value tag location isn’t immoderate wiggle room – it has to beryllium perfect.

All that said, I’m afloat expecting nan Apple Vision Pro to beryllium perpetually sold out. This will beryllium Apple’s first caller merchandise statement successful a while, and moreover if it does upwind up being an overpriced folly, Apple collectors will desperately want to get their hands connected this portion of tech history.

So if you want to get your hands connected one, beryllium fresh to book an assignment and caput to your section Apple Store arsenic soon arsenic you can. Otherwise, you mightiness person to hold for nan Vison Pro's successor to get your hands connected an Apple VR headset.

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