Three things spotted in Arsenal training ahead of Liverpool Premier League title clash - world News Update

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Arsenal are preparing for yet different immense Premier League trial this weekend, pinch nan Gunners group to recreation northbound to look chap title-chasers Liverpool.

Just 1 constituent separates some Mikel Arteta and Jurgen Klopp's respective sides astatine present, pinch nan onus connected heading into nan Christmas and new-year play connected apical of nan table, which could beryllium seen arsenic an early marker of things to travel successful 2024.

Arsenal astir precocious saw disconnected Brighton and Hove Albion 2-0 astatine nan Emirates Stadium acknowledgment to goals from Gabriel Jesus and Kai Havertz, pinch some players again proving pivotal parts of Arteta's hopes for occurrence this season.

Midfielders Thomas Partey and Mohamed Elneny are nearing their respective returns arsenic we attack nan engaged portion of nan 2023/24 season, pinch some besides expected to pitchy disconnected to correspond their nations astatine nan upcoming African Cup of Nations successful nan Ivory Coast.

As we bespeak connected different week gone by regarding each things nan Gunners, present are conscionable immoderate of nan things we spotted from nan latest merchandise of training images issued by nan club...

Arteta enjoying nan challenge

Smiling distant astatine London Colney, leader Arteta is intelligibly happy to beryllium portion of nan situation that comes pinch managing nan nine connected a day-to-day basis, arsenic he is seen grinning distant successful nan latest training snaps.

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Having faced plentifulness of pressures during his 4 years arsenic manager, his personality and professionalism proceed to radiance done fixed Arsenal's awesome commencement successful some nan Premier League and nan UEFA Champions League too.

Fun but superior environment

Often mislaid successful nan seriousness of being nan champion is nan enjoyment that comes pinch nan hardship. That doesn't look nan lawsuit for Arteta's squad it must beryllium said, pinch players including Declan Rice, Jesus and skipper Martin Odeegard each beaming away.

Most cognize that creating an situation wherever group tin beryllium themselves and bask nan process tin only bring further occurrence and it seems Arsenal are good connected location measurement to helping that purpose go a reality.

Rice connected focus

Superb erstwhile much successful his capacity against nan Seagulls past weekend, England world Rice is continuing to beryllium conscionable why Arsenal parted pinch much than £100million for his services earlier this year.

The 24-year-old is already maturing into an integral portion of Arteta's plans and if rumours are to beryllium true, could we spot different talent subordinate him successful nan centre of nan transportation travel nan extremity of nan January window? Only clip will tell...

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