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  • Published: Jan. 27, 2024, 10:00 a.m.

ANN ARBOR, MI - When exploring options for a cocktail to commemorate Ann Arbor’s 200th birthday, Zingerman’s Roadhouse bartender Cori Scharmen wanted to salary homage to section ingredients.

“Zingerman’s has been a staple of Ann Arbor - evidently not for nan afloat 200 years,” Scharmen said. “I wanted (the cocktail) to beryllium based upon Ann Arbor and its awesome products.”

The Bee-Centennial ‘76 is simply a riff connected nan French 75, Scharmen said, but alternatively of gin, it includes a 1.5-ounce move of Ann Arbor Distilling Company Hawthorne Vodka.

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A half-ounce of chromatic elemental syrup made in-house uses a section chromatic vendor, Scharmen said, while different ounce of grapefruit juice is squeezed in-house daily. Topped pinch a Michigan-based Mawby Brut, nan portion can’t thief but travel disconnected celebratory.

While nan Bee-Centennial ‘76 was created for nan 2024 Ann Arbor Restaurant Week and nan city’s bicentennial, Scharmen said nan cocktail will beryllium connected nan Zingerman’s Roadhouse portion paper each winter. It’s a delightfully caller and beardown portion worthy of raising successful a toast to 200 years of Ann Arbor.

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  • Celebrate Ann Arbor’s 200th day pinch this Zingerman’s Roadhouse cocktail

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