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GRASS LAKE, MI – Petra Sanz grew up successful Saline and loves Michigan, truthful she wanted to salary tribute to her authorities connected her restaurant’s menu.

The Clear Lake Grill successful Grass Lake is known for serving awesome burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and a assortment of celebrated specials. One of these deed specials was nan Michigan staple oliva burger.

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It was specified a deed pinch customers erstwhile it ran arsenic a typical that Sanz had to adhd it onto nan full-time menu, replacing a patty melt, which wasn’t trading arsenic well, she said.

“I’m obsessed pinch this state, and it is specified a Michigan-centric thing,” Sanz said of nan oliva burger. “I was like, let’s put it connected afloat time, because it sold for illustration crazy.”

The burger is simply a comfortableness dish, she said. All kinds of group bid it, but it’s particularly celebrated pinch nan older generation.

“I deliberation it’s really conscionable that novelty and a memory,” Sanz said.

Clear Lake Grill’s oliva burger features a charbroiled third-pound beef patty, which includes Smokey Michigan’s All-Purpose seasoning. It past gets placed on The Lakehouse Bakery potato bun and is topped pinch topped pinch lettuce, American food -- not Swiss -- and ,of course, nan oliva sauce.

The condiment is made in-house pinch crushed mustard, mayo, olives and “all nan bully stuff,” Sanz said, adding that it’s a simple, yet delicious, burger.

“Our condiment has a small spot of other crushed mustard successful it,” Sanz said. “You put a batch of crushed mustard successful really bully deviled eggs, truthful it has that benignant of vibe to it.”

The burger has been connected afloat paper for a small complete a week, and truthful far, it’s been a celebrated prime of customers, Sanz said. The restaurant’s paper fits pinch what Sanz said she values successful her edifice -- homemade meals, utilizing section products.

Sanz has owned Clear Lake Grill since October, but nan edifice has been astir for respective years. She fell successful emotion pinch nan hospitality manufacture aft moving successful it for almost 20 years and decided she wanted to unfastened a spot of her own.

While she’s moving nan Clear Lake Grill astatine nan moment, she said she has plans to toggle shape nan edifice successful nan future. The dream is to move it into “Mama’s Mercantile & Eatery,” to connection a much elevated and refined edifice experience, arsenic compared to nan existent diner vibes it offers.

The scheme is to adhd a ample horseshoe bar, caller seating, wallpaper and bathrooms, and to service nan nutrient connected porcelain plates. However, it won’t consciousness “stuffy,” Sanz said.

These renovations are planned to return spot during nan summer. Sanz will adjacent nan restaurant’s interior while they’re done, but she plans to support work disposable connected nan outdoor patio, she said.

For now, Sanz is readying to soft motorboat a caller brunch menu, astir apt successful February, that besides will beryllium featured successful nan rebrand. The brunch will see specified items arsenic ricotta pancakes, a bony marrow crockery and immoderate brunch-themed cocktails, she said.

“It’s really a blessing to beryllium capable to get your kinks retired earlier difficult launching something,” Sanz said.

Clear Lake Grill, 4450 Clear Lake Road, is unfastened 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. everyday.

More accusation tin beryllium recovered connected Clear Lake Grill’s Facebook page and website.

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