The 20 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Video - world News Update

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This database is regularly updated arsenic movies rotate connected and disconnected of Prime Video. *New additions are indicated pinch an asterisk.

Who wants to beryllium frightened tonight? While location are awesome streaming services dedicated to scary nuts, there’s besides a wealthiness of genre hits and indie darlings connected Prime Video. In fact, they person 1 of nan astir divers arrays of scary hits, including films by vets for illustration Tobe Hooper and Dario Argento, alongside newer films from indie studios. This regularly updated database will support Prime Video subscribers successful nan cognize connected what are nan champion scary movies they tin watch correct now. Turn nan lights disconnected and fastener nan doors.

Critic Brian Tallerico watches and writes astir movies and TV each day. To curate this list, he dives into Amazon Prime Video’s catalogue each period to aboveground terrifying scary titles — utilizing his sensation and a life of cinema study arsenic his guide, alternatively of immoderate nan algorithm happens to beryllium pushing. After triple-checking to make judge they’re still available, he watches each and writes his recommendation. We item much than conscionable nan crowdpleasers: Filmmakers tin usage scary to trade spine-tingling moods, support audiences connected their toes, and remark connected culture. Read connected to find thing to watch.

Year: 1999
Runtime: 1h 20m
Director: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez

When this movie dropped astatine Sundance backmost successful 1999, it felt for illustration thing wholly new. Two decades of recovered footage imitators has dulled immoderate of its impact, but The Blair Witch Project remains nan exemplary for really to do this benignant of DIY scary well. And it’s still beautiful damn terrifying.

Year: 2021
Runtime: 1h 31m
Director: Nia DaCosta

Too galore group easy dismissed nan Nia DaCosta remake of nan 1992 classical astir a boogeyman who terrorizes a Chicago community. Yes, it’s imperfect successful its messaging, but it’s a spectacularly well-made film, including immoderate fantabulous sound creation and chilling compositions. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II stars successful this movie that was co-written by nan insanely talented Jordan Peele.

Year: 1962
Runtime: 1h 20m
Director: Herk Harvey

An independent filmmaker who had made his profession doing manufacture information videos conscionable happened to nonstop 1 of nan astir basal scary flicks of each clip successful this absolute classic. Candace Hilligoss stars arsenic Mary Henry, a female who hardly survives a car mishap and starts seeing ghostly, zombie-like figures successful nan caller metropolis she’s trying to telephone home. As nan figures tie her to an abandoned carnival, immoderate of nan champion scary imagery of nan 1960s surfaces successful a movie that didn’t get overmuch attraction connected its merchandise but has gone connected to beryllium recognized arsenic a genre masterpiece.

Year: 2019
Runtime: 1h 27m
Director: Alexandre Aja

More action than horror, this 2019 cult deed has conscionable capable terrifying group pieces to suffice for a database for illustration this one. Kaya Scodelario rocks arsenic a young female who gets trapped during a hurricane triumph a flooded location that happens to person a fewer quiet alligators. Aja’s consciousness of abstraction and pacing present are phenomenal. It could beryllium a nosy measurement to break up nan slasher marathon astir group person this spooky season.

Year: 2015
Runtime: 1h 23m
Director: Stephen Cognetti

We’re each tired of recovered footage movies but this flick tin beryllium 1 of nan exceptions. So celebrated that it spawned a franchise (there person already been 2 sequels), this is nan communicative of a documentary unit that captures nan creation of a Halloween haunted location that becomes each excessively real, yet sidesplitting 15 summons buyers and staff. Structured some successful a “what happened that night” and in-the-moment recovered footage doc, this is simply a genuinely clever indie scary film.

Year: 1987
Runtime: 1h 34m
Director: Clive Barker

The scary writer Clive Barker directed this adjustment of his ain novella The Hellbound Heart and made genre movie history. Introducing nan world to nan iconic Pinhead, who would spell connected to look successful truthful galore sequels, nan original movie present is still nan best, nan communicative of a puzzle container that fundamentally opens a portal to Hell. The sequels person benignant of mislaid nan thread, but nan original is still incredibly powerful. It’s 1 of nan fewer films from nan ‘80s that would still shatter audiences if it were released today.

Year: 2005
Runtime: 1h 29m
Director: Alexandre Aja

This movie is bonkers. Directed by Alexandre Aja (and sometimes called Switchblade Romance) it stars Cecile de France and Maiwenn arsenic 2 young female who spell to a secluded farmhouse, wherever they’re attached by a serial killer. The twist ending to this sadistic movie will apt either make it aliases break it for you. Note: Shudder besides added a fewer different French Horror Wave films, including Inside and Martyrs — some basal for scary fans, neither for nan faint of heart.

Year: 2006
Runtime: 1h 33m
Director: Eli Roth

In nan mid-‘00s, scary delivered a subgenre that would beryllium sometimes called torture porn: ultra-violent films astir existent unit that tried to push nan daze metre successful ways that awesome genre films are seldom allowed to do. This Eli Roth movie is really nan centerpiece of that subgenre, an underrated cautionary communicative astir really naïve American travelers tin be. Note: The sequel is besides connected Prime Video.

Year: 1978
Runtime: 1h 55m
Director: Philip Kaufman

There’s a logic that Hollywood keeps returning to Jack Finney’s caller The Body Snatchers—it strikes astatine a communal fearfulness that our neighbors and loved ones aren’t who they were yesterday. The champion movie type of Finney’s communicative is nan ‘70s 1 pinch Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams, Veronica Cartwright, Jeff Goldblum, and Leonard Nimoy. A riveting unpacking of ‘70s paranoia, this is simply a genuinely terrifying movie.

Year: 1990
Runtime: 1h 53m
Director: Adrian Lyne

Adrian Lyne’s scary movie has developed an progressively vocal instrumentality guidelines successful nan 3 decades since its merchandise (helped successful portion by a horrible remake successful 2020 that reminded everyone really overmuch amended nan original was.) Tim Robbins stars arsenic Jacob, a man who starts having progressively terrifying visions and hallucinations, galore of them related to his clip successful Vietnam. A stunning travel into Hell, it’s besides an anti-war movie that’s fixed weight by Robbins’s genuine, in-the-moment performance.

Year: 2023
Runtime: 1h 40m
Director: M. Night Shyamalan

One of nan astir inventive board of his era adapted a screenplay for nan first clip erstwhile he tackled Paul Tremblay’s stunning 2018 caller The Cabin astatine nan End of nan World. Shyalaman does immoderate bad things to nan last act, but this is still worthy a look for its unthinkable trade and an fantabulous capacity from Dave Bautista arsenic nan leader of a group of group who judge that a sacrifice must beryllium made to extremity a pending apocalypse.

Year: 2010
Runtime: 1h 27m
Director: Daniel Stamm

Before recovered footage films were overdone, Daniel Stamm made 1 of nan champion successful 2010 successful this astonishment smash hit. Patrick Fabian stars arsenic a man who agrees to participate successful a documentary astir his exorcism business, 1 that’s mostly a scam. The problem is that nan charlatan stumbles onto a existent possession erstwhile a husbandman reaches retired and tells him that his girl is acting, well, strange.

Year: 2007
Runtime: 1h 19m
Director: Jeremy Saulnier

Not precisely horror but conscionable gory and twisted capable to qualify, this is Jeremy Saulnier’s super-low-budget debut. From nan opening of his career, it’s easy to spot nan consciousness of abstraction and pacing that would make him celebrated successful films for illustration Green Room and Hold nan Dark (as good arsenic directing nan caller play of True Detective). This 1 is wonderfully elemental – a loner finds an induce to a Halloween statement and decides to go. Big mistake. That’s each you request to know.

Year: 2022
Runtime: 2h 10m
Director: Jordan Peele

The brilliant down Get Out and Us delivered his astir arguable movie successful 2022, a communicative that blends an alien penetration pinch a commentary connected movie-watching and spectacle successful general. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer are awesome successful this communicative of group beset upon by an alien type that likes to watch. Brilliantly system and gorgeously shot, Nope is blockbuster scary filmmaking astatine its finest.

Year: 1979
Runtime: 1h 29m
Director: Don Coscarelli

Another low-budget flick that produced an empire, Don Coscarelli’s wholly bonkers 1979 movie isn’t arsenic overmuch an influential genre classical arsenic it is benignant of dissimilar thing earlier aliases since. Who tin hide nan first clip they saw Angus Scrimm arsenic The Tall Man, 1 of nan champion scary characters of his era? The crazy crippled present is secondary to nan unforgettable imagery and style. There’s a logic it spawned 4 sequels and has a very loyal cult pursuing 40 years later.

Year: 2019
Runtime: 1h 24m
Director: Rose Glass

Morfydd Clark is fearless arsenic a hospice caregiver who converts to Roman Catholicism and becomes convinced that only she tin prevention nan psyche of her latest patient, a erstwhile dancer (Jennifer Ehle) who is successful nan last days of her life. Is Maud a existent alloy for miracles aliases could she beryllium going insane? Rose Glass’s debut stunner plays pinch assemblage expectations until its last unforgettable shot.

Year: 2019
Runtime: 1h 47m
Director: André Øvredal

Guillermo del Toro produced this clever adjustment of nan short communicative collections by Alvin Schwartz that warped an full procreation aliases two. Several of nan astir beloved stories activity their measurement into a communicative that takes spot connected Halloween successful 1968 successful a Midwest town. Some of nan large worldly astir a magical book is simply a small silly, but location are unforgettable small scary vignettes that springiness this movie its strength.

Year: 2022
Runtime: 1h 55m
Director: Parker Finn

Paramount has been regularly funneling immoderate of their biggest theatrical hits to their streaming work for a mini model of clip earlier they rotation complete to Prime too. That was nan lawsuit pinch Parker Finn’s debut characteristic movie that was successful theaters conscionable past summertime and made a luck worldwide (over $200 million). One of nan biggest commercialized and captious scary hits of 2022, Smile is astir a therapist who discovers thing supernatural stalking her patients. It will get nether your skin.

Year: 2023
Runtime: 1h 45m
Director: Nahnatchka Khan

What if Scream and Back to nan Future had a baby? It would look a batch for illustration this Prime Original thriller astir a young female (a nosy Kiernan Shipka) who travels backmost successful clip and joins forces pinch nan teenage type of her mother to extremity a serial killer. Quirky and clever, it useful arsenic a mystery, slasher film, and an ‘80s comedy.

Year: 2017
Runtime: 1h 20m
Directors: Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin, Jovanka Vickovic, Karyn Kusama

Good scary anthology flicks are fewer and acold between, and there’s ne'er been 1 rather for illustration this Sundance movie, 1 that features shorts that were only written and directed by women. Like each anthology films, it’s a rollercoaster successful position of quality, but location are capable absorbing ideas from filmmakers for illustration Karyn Kusama (The Invitation) and Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent), that you should return a look.

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