T.J. Watt Says Comments Made To Rich Eisen Were Misconstrued - world News Update

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T.J. Watt, by proxy of Rich Eisen, made waves earlier this week erstwhile Eisen shared nan communicative implying young players were tuning retired Mike Tomlin’s message. Speaking to reporters Thursday, Watt says Eisen’s comments weren’t interpreted correctly.

“I referred to myself arsenic erstwhile I was a young player,” he said via nan Trib’s Chris Adamski. “Just learning really to practice, really to use yourself successful nan believe field. And it wasn’t attacking anybody. It was a wide statement, arsenic a leader connected this team, I consciousness obligated to show group and pinch my actions really to practice. It was not taking thing distant from guys not practicing. So I’m not judge really that happened. But it is what it is.”

During an section of nan Rich Eisen Show, Eisen discussed nan authorities of nan Steelers and whether for nan first clip successful his tenure, Mike Tomlin had mislaid nan locker room. After defending Tomlin for weeks, he began to relent and mobility if Tomlin would stay Steelers’ caput coach adjacent season. Eisen utilized a communicative from Watt during a pre-production gathering pinch Eisen and nan NFL Network unit to bolster that thought.

“T.J. Watt said it was ‘wild’—he utilized that phrase—it was ‘wild’ to him that immoderate of nan players upon proceeding [Tomlin’s reside to players successful meetings] don’t respond successful a measurement connected a field—or connected a believe field!” Eisen said. “He utilized that word—it’s chaotic that immoderate of them don’t want to believe successful nan measurement that everybody is expected to practice”.

Watt apparently went connected to opportunity that younger players return disapproval personally these days, Eisen inferring that it’s go a problem successful a beautiful young Steelers locker room.

Some of this is simply a crippled of telephone considering we don’t cognize Watt’s original comments to Eisen. But clearly, Watt takes rumor pinch really Eisen framed things, starring to fans and media constituent to it arsenic further grounds for why Tomlin’s connection has gone stale. It seems Eisen thought it was commentary connected nan existent Steelers locker room whereas Watt was making a wide remark astir nan authorities of nan game.

For a Steelers play that hangs successful nan balance, this has been nan week of nan remark controversy. George Pickens’ comments, Mike Tomlin’s comments about Pickens’ comments, Eisen connected Watt and now Watt connected Eisen. The champion point Pittsburgh tin do to extremity nan week is triumph a game, return nan attraction to nan section successful a affirmative way, and get nan speech shifted backmost towards nan playoffs alternatively of everything other that’s been going connected since nan Colts loss.