Suspect in 1985 stabbing death admits robbery was motive, Grand Rapids police say - world News Update

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  • Published: Dec. 20, 2023, 4:59 p.m.

Grand Rapids Police File Photo

Grand Rapids constabulary opportunity a man admitted to robbing a man who was killed successful his location 38 years ago. (MLive File Photo)Rose White | MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A man charged successful a 1985 homicide successful Grand Rapids was still surviving successful nan metropolis erstwhile DNA testing successful August tied him to nan killing, constabulary said.

Ronald Davis, 68, is charged pinch felony execution successful nan sidesplitting of Burnett Frierson, 48.

Frierson was fatally stabbed successful nan surviving room of his location connected Sheldon Avenue SE adjacent Logan Street. Grand Rapids constabulary responded Sept. 4, 1985, to nan location aft a friend to nan unfortunate became concerned aft not proceeding from him.

The victim’s wallet was missing and his pockets had been turned wrong out. Police recovered humor droplets wrong nan house, successful nan bedroom, bath and kitchen. Tests showed nan humor did not beryllium to nan victim.

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“The droplets look suggestive of personification stepping astir Frierson’s location aft nan homicide, perchance to bargain further items,” Detective Case Weston wrote successful a probable-cause affidavit revenge successful Grand Rapids District Court.

Police said that Davis’ apprehension successful an unrelated lawsuit led investigators to participate his DNA into nan nationalist Combined DNA Index System, aliases CODIS. Police learned successful August that nan humor droplets recovered astatine nan segment matched nan suspect’s DNA.

Weston and different detective past went to Davis’ location to talk to him. He denied knowing nan victim, having been successful his location aliases having been coming during nan killing.

Police continued to question and reply Davis earlier “he yet abruptly changed his communicative and admitted that he was coming during nan homicide. Davis acknowledged nan logic for nan execution was robbery,” Weston wrote.

He said that nan humor droplets showed that Davis had searched done Frierson’s location earlier fleeing.

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