Spartan Confidential podcast: Takeaways from Jonathan Smith’s first MSU recruiting class - world News Update

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  • Published: Dec. 21, 2023, 4:53 p.m.

Jonathan Smith

New Michigan State caput coach Jonathan Smith addresses nan fans during nan first half of an NCAA assemblage hoops crippled betwixt Michigan State and Georgia Southern, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023, successful East Lansing, Mich. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)AP

EAST LANSING, MI -- Just a fewer weeks agone location was a batch of uncertainty surrounding Michigan State’s 2024 recruiting class, but Jonathan Smith and his unit were capable to motion 18 caller players to nan roster during nan early signing play on Wednesday.

What are nan main takeaways from his people astatine MSU? That’s nan taxable reporters Brandon Champion, Kyle Austin and Matt Wenzel walk clip discussing connected section 132 of MLive’s Spartan Confidential podcast.

The show originates pinch overall reactions to nan class. Is it better, worse, aliases conscionable astir what we expected considering nan short magnitude of clip Smith and Co. had to bring it together?

We past return a person look astatine individual players. Could 4-star wide receiver Nick Marsh get connected nan section arsenic a existent freshman? And could nan commits of Kekai Burnett and Rustin Young from Hawaii reopen Michigan State’s once-great Hawaiian pipeline?

The Spartans besides took two quarterbacks successful nan aforesaid class for nan first clip successful a agelong time. What does each bring to nan table? And which different commits guidelines retired connected film?

The shot speech ends pinch a little chat of Michigan State’s incoming transfers, which includes respective players who should lend correct away.

The show ends pinch observations from nan Michigan State hoops returning to its winning ways successful victories complete Baylor and Oakland. Topics see nan return of “Defend, Rebound, Run,” AJ Hoggard’s determination making and Tyson Walker scoring 1,000 profession points arsenic a Spartan.

You can perceive to nan section here aliases by utilizing nan subordinate below. You tin besides hunt for it wherever podcasts are found.

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