21 December 2023 Peace and Security

After aggravated negotiations each week down closed doors astatine nan 15-member Security Council, ambassadors are still negotiating complete a draught solution penned by nan United Arab Emirates which calls for an “urgent suspension” of nan conflict to let safe and unhindered transportation of assistance to stricken civilians successful nan Gaza Strip. The Council is expected to meet connected nan situation later connected Thursday and we'll bring you unrecorded sum here...

The past draught was vetoed by nan US connected 8 December, which was quickly followed by action successful nan UN General Assembly four days later, erstwhile Member States voted by an overwhelming mostly successful favour of an contiguous humanitarian ceasefire, done a non-binding resolution.

The Emergency Special Session of nan Assembly resumed and past adjourned connected Wednesday pinch dozens of countries making statements connected nan crisis.

A boy cycles done nan heavy bombarded Asqola neighbourhood of Gaza City.

A boy cycles done nan heavy bombarded Asqola neighbourhood of Gaza City.

The Council has been negotiating passim nan week to find connection which will debar a further US veto, having first introduced a draught which called for a “cessation of hostilities”, which now calls for a “suspension” of fighting, to vastly summation entree for lifesaving aid.

The US based on connected Tuesday and successful erstwhile deadlocked sessions that immoderate solution must condemn nan Hamas extremist group’s panic attacks of 7 October which sparked this deadly and unprecedented surge successful nan Palestine-Israel conflict, and which led to astir 1,200 deaths successful confederate Israel and nan seizure of much than 200 hostages by extremists, dozens of whom stay captive successful Gaza.

Some countries captious of Israel’s violative person based on successful consequence that immoderate solution condemning Hamas, must besides condemn nan Israeli business and nan thousands of civilian deaths resulting from Israel’s subject action since 7 October.

According to media reports, a further sticking constituent for diplomats negotiating nan draught solution has been nan mounting up of a UN monitoring system which would beryllium responsible for assessing nan effectiveness of assistance transportation astatine scale, independent of either Israeli aliases Hamas authorities successful Gaza.

Situation successful Gaza

Latest casualty figures from authorities successful Gaza study astir 20,000 civilian deaths since nan Israeli retaliatory bombardment and violative began, astir of them women and children.

As of Thursday location are no functioning hospitals left successful nan northbound of nan enclave and injured parents stranded successful accommodation are "waiting to die" there, according to nan UN wellness agency WHO.

Tuesday’s meeting

On Tuesday as nan Council met to talk nan situation successful nan Middle East successful a scheduled debate, nan UN Special Envoy for nan bid process said nan full humanitarian strategy was “on nan brink” of collapse, and besides voiced heavy interest astatine nan deteriorating business for Palestinians successful nan occupied West Bank.

“I reiterate that information forces must workout maximum restraint and usage lethal fore only erstwhile it is strictly unavoidable to protect life,” Tor Wennesland stressed.

Draft resolution: Key points

  • Demands parties to nan conflict “allow, facilitate and alteration nan immediate, safe and unhindered transportation of humanitarian assistance” astatine scale, to nan Palestinian organization of Gaza.
  • Calls for the “urgent suspension of hostilities” to let safe and unhindered access.
  • The solution cites “deep interest astatine nan dire and quickly deteriorating humanitarian situation” successful Gaza and its “grave impact” connected civilians there.
  • Reaffirms nan Council’s “strong interest for nan disproportionate effect” nan conflict is having connected women and children. It stresses nan responsibility to respect and protect humanitarian alleviation and aesculapian staff.
  • Takes statement of nan reopening of nan Karem Abu Salem aliases Kerem Shalom crossing from Israel to velocity up transportation of aid, and demands nan parties let nan usage of each land, oversea and aerial routes to supply an accrued travel of aid.
  • Requests nan UN main sets up a monitoring mechanism with nan basal unit and instrumentality “to exclusively monitor each humanitarian alleviation consignments”, to velocity up delivery. This will beryllium independent of each parties to nan conflict and beryllium successful effect for 1 year.
  • Demands nan “immediate and unconditional merchandise of each hostages” providing for their aesculapian needs while still captive and “firmly condemns” each violations of world humanitarian rule including indiscriminate attacks against civilians “and each acts of terrorism.”
  • Notes UN accommodation are protected nether humanitarian rule and “rejects forced displacement of nan civilian population”. It demands combatants guarantee nan information and information of each UN and associated personnel.
  • Reiterates nan Council’s “unwavering committedness to nan imagination of nan two-State solution”, stressing nan value of unifying nan West Bank and Gaza nether nan Palestinian Authority.