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Mikel Arteta has been handed 3 invited Arsenal wounded updates up of Saturday's Premier League conflict against Liverpool. The Gunners person been fortunate to debar immoderate awesome issues successful nan past fewer weeks pinch Martin Odegaard, Gabriel Jesus and Emile Smith Rowe each returning to action.

Fabio Vieira and Thomas Partey are some edging person to a return pinch nan second posting a affirmative update connected his betterment earlier this week. Takehiro Tomiyasu is besides presently missing pinch a calf wounded and nan Japan world whitethorn not return until February pinch it expected he is fresh and disposable to look astatine nan Asia Cup.

Elsewhere, midfield duo Mohamed Elneny and Jorginho are some dealing pinch issues, though nan second could make his return to nan matchday squad.


Jorginho was absent from nan matchday squad connected Sunday arsenic Arsenal moved to nan apical of nan Premier League array pinch a triumph against Brighton. The Italian midfielder was ruled retired owed to a ft wounded but looks apt to liking a declare for his spot connected Merseyside this weekend.

Following nan triumph against Brighton, erstwhile asked for an update connected his injury, nan Italian midfielder told "Getting better, getting better."

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Injury: Foot

Expected return date: Liverpool (A) - December 23

What Arteta has said: "We had immoderate issues successful nan campy and pinch Jorginho excessively we had different one. It’s five, six now. So, we request players."

Mohamed Elneny

Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny made his return from wounded successful nan Champions League against PSV but suffered a further setback, arsenic he had to beryllium removed owed to a fishy hamstring issue. Fortunately, it appears arsenic though nan Egyptian world will return soon, pinch nan upcoming African Cup of Nations connected nan horizon.

Injury: Hamstring

Expected return date: Liverpool (H) - January 7

What Arteta has said: "Mo had to beryllium subbed. He felt thing successful his hamstring. We did a scan and it doesn’t look excessively superior truthful he’ll beryllium pinch america soon which is very bully news."

Thomas Partey

Partey has undergone a 'procedure' which is group to support him retired for nan remainder of nan year, understands. Arteta precocious provided a caller update connected nan 30-year-old's rehabilitation process but did not make it clear if he will beryllium fresh to look Liverpool successful their FA Cup third-round conflict astatine nan commencement of 2024. Arsenal are hopeful of Partey returning for nan FA Cup conflict against Liverpool earlier heading to AFCON.

Injury: Thigh

Expected return date: Liverpool (H) - January 7

What Arteta has said: "We don’t cognize [if Partey will beryllium backmost to look Liverpool successful January]. He’s getting a very bully improvement successful nan injury, but it’s a spot early for nan clip frame.

"That would beryllium incredibly accelerated if he’s capable to do that. We’re going to person to wait. We are rather short, pinch 5 key, cardinal players not being disposable for america now for a play of time, but we person to continue."

Takehiro Tomiyasu

Tomiyasu suffered a calf wounded successful nan 2nd half of Arsenal's conflict against Wolves and he's expected to beryllium retired of action until nan caller year. Arsenal are hopeful of Tomiyasu returning for nan FA Cup conflict against Liverpool earlier heading to nan Asia Cup pinch Japan.

Injury: Calf

Expected return date: January

What Arteta has said : "We had a scan and it’s not bully news. He’s sewage an wounded successful his calf and he’s going to beryllium retired for a while I think."

Fabio Vieira

Vieira has been nursing a groin rumor and underwent room connected nan injury. The erstwhile Porto man has struggled truthful acold for crippled clip nether Arteta and his latest setback is apt to supply further woes.

Injury: Groin

Expected return date: Mid to precocious January 2024

What Arteta has said: "Yeah we’ve sewage a problem pinch him. He’s been having immoderate discomfort. We sent him to spot a master and nan proposal was to person an cognition successful his groin. He did that yesterday. We don’t expect him backmost this broadside of nan wintertime break."

Jurrien Timber

Timber, who joined nan Gunners from Ajax successful summer, suffered a devastating wounded connected nan opening play of nan Premier League season. At nan extremity of nan first-half of Arsenal's conflict against Nottingham Forest, the 22-year-old defender went down clutching his correct knee.

As it transpired, Timber's ACL wounded wasn't arsenic bad arsenic first feared, pinch nan estimate now a return betwixt March and May of adjacent year. Having been pictured astir precocious connected Arsenal's nine travel to Rwanda, location is simply a increasing belief that fans should spot nan erstwhile Ajax man successful action earlier nan extremity of nan existent campaign.

Injury: ACL

Expected return date : Early 2024

What Arteta has said: "He’s doing really well. He’s going done a really important wounded but he’s flying astatine nan shape that he is correct now. The measurement that he useful each time is very satisfying to watch.

"We’re still going to miss him for a agelong time. The first fewer steps are important for nan magnitude of activity they person to do successful nan knee to get nan mobility and nan spot back."

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