Overheard in the Michigan State locker room: Playing with vigor, visit from a Lions legend - world News Update

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  • Published: Dec. 21, 2023, 10:00 p.m.

Tyson Walker

Michigan State's Tyson Walker reacts during nan 2nd half of an NCAA assemblage hoops crippled against Oakland, Monday, Dec. 18, 2023, successful East Lansing, Mich. Michigan. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)AP

EAST LANSING – Many of Michigan State players departed instantly aft Thursday night’s triumph complete Stony Brook to caput location for nan holidays. And those players will caput location emotion good.

The Spartans hit Stony Brook, 99-55, connected Thursday nighttime to triumph their 3rd consecutive game.

Here’s a sampling of what was said aft nan game:

“When we’re each clicking for illustration that, I deliberation it’s difficult to extremity us. When we’re each rolling for illustration that, we’re each locked in, we’re each getting unfastened shots, we’re each swinging nan ball, excited for 1 another, it conscionable carries on.” – A.J. Hoggard

“Today they came pinch immoderate vigor. That was a really encouraging portion because that showed maturity and Tyson and A.J. merit a batch of in installments for that.” -- Izzo

“I consciousness for illustration it conscionable continues to build confidence. I consciousness for illustration I haven’t really mislaid assurance astatine all, but seeing immoderate shots spell in, it’s bully for anybody, truthful I’m conscionable going to proceed to work.” – Jaden Akins connected his career-best 22-point game

“Jaden Akins astir apt had his champion crippled successful a agelong time. He changeable nan shot good successful believe astir apt nan past 10 days, 2 weeks. A small accommodation connected his changeable and I deliberation it’s really helped and he’s really done a bully job.” -- Izzo

“That was beautiful cool. Steven’s first assist, I think, Nick’s first bucket. Barry was successful nan locker room pinch his sons. Those are cool moments, man. Those are really cool moments.” – Izzo connected walk-on Nick Sanders scoring his first profession basket.

“Before he sewage successful nan game, I told him to get 1 up. He’s sewage to sub successful and beryllium me.” – Walker connected Sanders

“We decidedly consciousness good. We made immoderate shots. We weren’t making them before, we made them now. We’re guarding better, successful nan first half we’re getting immoderate amended shots. Now we’ve sewage to transportation it complete erstwhile we get back.” -- Walker

“Even nan ones we missed were correct there. The opening of nan twelvemonth nan ones we missed were for illustration Scud missiles. That’s really encouraging, erstwhile your misses look good.” – Izzo connected Michigan State’s shooting

“I consciousness for illustration this is really we tin play. If we’re focused and our mind’s correct and we travel successful pinch that type of intensity, I consciousness for illustration this is nan squad group were expecting passim nan twelvemonth and this is nan squad we’re going to beryllium nan remainder of nan year.” – Akins

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