Michigan man injured in jump from U.S. Capitol during Jan. 6 riot, FBI says - world News Update

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GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A Grand Rapids-area man arrested successful nan Jan. 6, 2021, riot astatine nan U.S. Capitol suffered a spinal wounded erstwhile he jumped from a building wall, nan FBI said.

A photograph from nan segment showed Curtis Pulaski being carried by others aft he was injured, according to tribunal records.

Pulaski, a resident of Wyoming, Michigan, was arrested earlier this week successful Grand Rapids.

He is named successful an FBI criminal title connected charges of entering aliases remaining successful a restricted building aliases grounds, disorderly aliases disruptive behaviour successful a restricted building aliases grounds, disorderly behaviour successful a Capitol Building and parading, demonstrating aliases picketing successful a Capitol Building.

James Stevenson Fisher, a national nationalist defender, noted that Pulaski has yet to beryllium indicted by a national expansive jury.

“At this shape of nan proceedings Mr. Pulaski has not moreover been formally charged by indictment via a expansive jury, fto unsocial convicted,” he said successful an email to MLive/The Grand Rapids Press.

“He is entitled to nan presumption of innocence. The government’s allegations astatine this shape are conscionable that: allegations.”

The FBI acted connected an anonymous extremity that Pulaski showed up astatine MedStar Washington Hospital Center successful Washington, D.C., nan time aft nan Capitol onslaught to beryllium treated for a spinal injury.

He told nurses that he suffered injuries aft he scaled a Capitol wall, tried to break into nan building past fell and injured his back, an FBI typical supplier wrote successful nan complaint.

The FBI interviewed Pulaski successful nan hospital, six days aft he was injured. He appeared anemic but was lucid, nan FBI said.

He told investigators he arrived successful Washington, D.C., astir 7 a.m. connected Jan 6, 2021. He intended to livestream aliases return video of antifa members astatine then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop nan Steal” rally, an effort intended to overturn nan 2020 statesmanlike election.

The riot disrupted a associated convention of nan U.S. Congress to count electoral votes successful favour of President Joe Biden.

Pulaski returned to his edifice aft his cellphone artillery died. He told nan FBI that he woke up betwixt 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. and rushed backmost to nan Capitol.

“Pulaski saw respective group onslaught rule enforcement officers and others trying to break nan windows of nan Capitol building,” according to an FBI typical agent, whose sanction was redacted connected nan criminal complaint.

Pulaski admitted to entering nan Capitol building twice. He said entered to get amended footage. He entered a mates of rooms past decided to leave, nan FBI said. He told nan FBI he returned only because he thought he heard tear state being deployed extracurricular and saw others participate nan building to get distant from nan gas.

“When he exited nan Capitol, Pulaski stated he saw tons of tear state and group laying each complete nan ground,” nan FBI said. “Pulaski stated that he became acrophobic of getting trampled by nan crowd truthful he decided to effort and jump disconnected 1 of nan Capitol walls to nan crushed level. Pulaski stated that he fell a important region and suffered terrible injuries arsenic a consequence of nan fall.”

Pulaski had taken galore photos and videos astatine nan Capitol but deleted them erstwhile he was told by personification that he could beryllium arrested.

“Pulaski stated he regretted his determination and hoped nary 1 other sewage hurt,” nan FBI said.

The FBI utilized nan image from his driver’s licence to find video of his likeness connected societal media. One of nan videos appeared to show him wrong nan Capitol building and trying to thief different rioter done a surgery window, nan FBI said.

A screenshot contained successful tribunal records showed Pulaski wearing a Trump emblem he recovered arsenic a cape, nan FBI said.

At 1 constituent rioters reported that they “‘need much people,’” and told others to “‘press forward,’” nan FBI said. Pulaski moved deeper into nan building and took photos of documents successful an office, nan FBI said.

Pulaski, who turned himself in, had his first quality Thursday, Dec. 21, successful U.S. District Court successful Grand Rapids.

He has a Jan. 11 proceeding via video astatine U.S. District Court for nan District of Columbia.

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