Michigan barbershop giving Lions fans the chance to ‘right-side’ history after 12 years - world News Update

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GRANDVILLE, MI - A Grandville barbershop is showing its support for nan Detroit Lions successful a unsocial measurement earlier they return connected nan San Francisco 49ers this weekend.

Zach’s Barbershop astatine 4064 Chicago Dr. SW is location to a Lions pennant that’s been hanging otherwise than nan remainder for nan past 12 years.

The Lion’s pennant and motion are nan only ones connected nan wall that are noticeably flipped upside down — pinch nan remainder of nan pennants from nan Tigers, University of Michigan, Michigan State and different section schools displayed right-side up.

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Co-owner Zach Booker said that regular customers are accustomed to nan history down nan upside-down pennant and sign, which hangs straight nether nan TV successful nan mediate of nan wall.

“You can’t miss it,” he told MLive/The Grand Rapids Press. “With caller customers, it’s ever a speech starter successful our Grandville shop. It’s a focal constituent because each nan chairs constituent correct to nan halfway of nan pennant.”

Booker said nan show is conscionable what “loyal fans do,” either showing support verbally aliases reasoning extracurricular of nan box. Regulars tin still find pictures of Lion’s Coach “Motor City” Dan Campbell successful each his glory erstwhile he was a subordinate for nan squad from 2006-08.

“With 1 pennant aliases motion being upside down, it conscionable signals distress,” Booker said. “The Lions person been successful distress for acold excessively long.”

Booker, who is simply a fourth-generation hairsbreadth business owner, opened nan Grandville location alongside his woman almost 14 years agone and has different location successful Hudsonville.

After only being unfastened a mates of years, nan husband-and-wife duo made a determination that nan Lion’s pennant deserved to beryllium “right-sided” only aft 2 playoff wins.

Now, nan clip has yet travel for nan biggest instrumentality to make it right.

This Saturday, Jan. 27 astatine noon, nan Grandville shop will unfastened its doors to nan typical personification who gets to do nan honors, on pinch immoderate different diehard instrumentality who wants to witnesser history. The victor will besides person a gift paper for a free haircut.

Zach's Barbershop

For nan past 12 years, nan owners of Zach's Barbershop successful Grandville person had nan pictured upturned Lion's pennant arsenic their client's position while getting a haircut. (Photo provided to MLive by Zach Booker)Zach Booker

“We felt we needed to see nan organization who’s been a portion of this travel to acquisition nan existent penning of nan ship,” Booker said. “It’s going to beryllium nosy — it’s been a chaotic acquisition to capable to spot nan magnitude of viewership.”

Right now, 2 Michigan natives are successful nan tally to move nan pennant: Bill Atwood and Stuart Colby. Over 200 group person voted for each, resulting successful a neck-and-neck title to go nan winner, he said.

Booker told MLive nan feedback has been moreover bigger than what they expected astatine Zach’s Barbershop, touting really thankful he is for participating successful nan breathtaking experience.

“We are conscionable truthful thankful that nan organization could support america to wherever we’re a thriving business today,” he said. “We’re conscionable thankful that our customers, some past and present, person allowed america to do what we’re doing today.”

Fans tin support voting for nan victor connected nan Zach’s Barbershop Facebook page.

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