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The extremity of January marks nan premiere of 1 of nan astir anticipated TV shows of nan year, Masters of nan Air. The Apple TV+ warfare bid follows nan 100th Bomb Group, a group of courageous pilots successful nan Air Force who came to beryllium known arsenic nan “Bloody Hundredth” during World War II. The bid features an ensemble formed of rising stars, including Austin Butler, Callum Turner, and Barry Keoghan.

If it connects pinch critics and fans, Masters of nan Air could go 1 of nan adjacent awesome tv shows. If you’re looking for much warfare shows, nan 3 bid listed beneath should beryllium adjacent connected your must-watch lists. Two shows are companion pieces to Masters of nan Air, while nan 3rd is based connected a celebrated satirical caller from nan 1960s.

Band of Brothers (2001)

One worker sits connected a car while nan different worker stands adjacent to him.HBO

The golden modular for warfare TV shows is Band of Brothers, HBO’s 2001 miniseries astir nan 101st Airborne Division’s Easy Company during World War II. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg co-created Band of Brothers three years aft collaborating connected 1 of nan greatest warfare films of each time, Saving Private Ryan.

The bid originates successful 1942 pinch Easy Company training astatine Camp Toccoa. From there, Band of Brothers follows Easy Company’s travel done Europe, from parachuting successful connected D-Day and invading Germany to battling nan Nazis and helping to triumph nan war. Like Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers is a visceral look astatine WWII done nan eyes of brave and heroic American soldiers. Boosted by a memorable ensemble formed and stunning cinematography, Band of Brothers is successful nan moving for nan top miniseries of nan 21st century.

Stream Band of Brothers connected HBO and Netflix.

The Pacific (2010)

Rami Malek and Joseph Mazzello constituent guns and screen successful The Pacific.HBO

While Band of Brothers focused connected Easy Company successful Europe, The Pacific turned its attraction to nan actions of nan U.S. Marine Corps against Japan during World War II. Serving arsenic a companion portion to Band of Brothers, The Pacific revolves astir 3 Marines — Robert Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joseph Mazzello), and John Basilone (Jon Seda) — who fought for nan 1st Marine Division.

Like erstwhile depictions of warfare successful Hanks-Spielberg projects, The Pacific is visually stunning successful outlining nan terrifying aspects of combat. Seminal moments from World War II are covered, including nan Guadalcanal Campaign, nan Battle of Iwo Jima, and nan soldiers’ return to America aft V-J Day.

Stream The Pacific connected HBO and Netflix.

Catch-22 (2019)

George Clooney yells astatine 2 soldiers.Hulu

Catch-22, Joseph Heller’s 1961 satirical warfare novel, was adapted into a tv bid for Hulu successful 2019. John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott), a bombardier successful nan U.S. Air Force, wants thing to do pinch WWII. John chose to beryllium a bombardier, reasoning nan warfare would extremity earlier his training finished. The scheme backfired arsenic John must now explosive nan force from his B-52, moreover if he spends much clip readying ways to ne'er fly.

Unwilling to kill, but incapable to garbage his missions, Yossarian is stuck because of a Catch-22 – excessively galore missions will make a personification insane, but a petition to beryllium removed from nan ngo tin only travel from a sane person. Catch-22 still captures nan bloodiness and unit of war, but its satirical quality and acheronian joke supply a unsocial mentation of WWII.

Steam Catch-22 connected Hulu.

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