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BAY CITY, MI — When he was 17, Shawn M. Commire was sentenced to dice successful situation for savagely sidesplitting a retired 83-year-old caregiver pinch his older cousin. Sixteen years connected — nan property he was erstwhile he killed Rita M. Salogar — Commire has received a caller sentence, 1 that whitethorn spot him paroled successful a fewer decades.

Entering his courtroom to resentence Commire connected nan day of Wednesday, Dec. 20, Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph K. Sheeran group a framed photograph of Salogar earlier his bench. From her workplace portrait, Salogar stared crossed nan courtroom, astir filled pinch her loved ones.

As a deluge of Salogar’s family shared their disapproval of nan caller sentence, Commire reiterated his ain contempt for nan proceeding, bristling erstwhile nan judge asked him modular yes-or-no questions.

“Your Honor, I’d for illustration to plead nan Fifth,” Commire said. “I’d conscionable for illustration to get this over. I don’t want to make this a spectacle. I don’t want to talk to anybody.”

Commire, now 32, was primitively sentenced to life without nan anticipation of parole for nan execution of Salogar, 83, wrong her location astatine 402 N. Catherine St. In nan early greeting of June 5, 2007, arsenic Salogar slept successful her upstairs bedroom, Commire and his 19-year-old relative Robert M. “Bobby” Commire donned latex gloves and ransacked her house.

When Salogar awoke, nan Commires hit her pinch hammers and stabbed her 42 times, delivering fatal wounds. Before dying, Salogar managed to telephone 911 and shriek for help, causing constabulary to respond and drawback nan cousins successful her garage.

Commire connected Wednesday slumped successful his seat, jaw clenched and eyes blankly staring forward. Eight of Salogar’s family members gave statements connected nan cumulative trauma they’ve endured since their matriarch’s slaying, while besides eulogizing her charitable spirit.

“If you were hungry, she would person fed you,” David Salogar, Rita Salogar’s eldest son, told Shawn Commire. “If you wanted to gain immoderate money, she would person recovered immoderate chores for you to do astir her gait aliases her house. You could person taken her car and gotten away. You could person taken thing and everything of worth from her location and gotten away.”

Almost arsenic a mantra, Salogar punctuated his reside pinch nan repeated phrase, “You didn’t person to termination her.”

The Salogar family struggles pinch anger, survivor’s guilt, anxiety, fear, and a wealthiness of different acheronian emotions, David Salogar said. While he advocated for Shawn Commire to stay successful situation for life, David Salogar said he has forgiven his mother’s murderer.

“At immoderate point, I person forgiven you because that’s what my mother would person expected of me, and it’s nan only measurement not to fto my hatred devour me,” he said.

Daniel Salogar, different boy of Rita Salogar, balked astatine nan conception that Shawn Commire warrants a caller condemnation owed to a troubled upbringing aliases his immaturity erstwhile he committed his crime.

“At 16 years old, he knew breaking into someone’s location was wrong,” he said. “At 16, he knew hitting an aged female successful nan caput pinch a hammer while she undoubtedly begged for mercy … he knew that was wrong.”

He and chap relatives called for Sheeran to springiness Shawn Commire nan maximum sentence, saying “society demands it.”

Sheeran resentenced Shawn Commire to 40 to 60 years successful prison, giving him in installments for 6,042 days—or astir 16.5 years—already served. Ever defiant, Commire refused to motion paperwork acknowledging nan caller sentence.

Bay County Prosecutor Nancy E. Borushko said Rita Salogar “lived a life of work to her family and her community, and I do not judge I’ve ever heard a much powerful outpouring of respect and love.”

She credited Rita Salogar’s spot and fortitude successful calling 911 arsenic her killers attacked her. At nan aforesaid time, she criticized nan circumstances allowing Shawn Commire to beryllium resentenced, saying erstwhile a imaginable mentation for motive gives an excuse to murder, nan consequence is injustice.

Sheeran said his determination to enforce a caller condemnation was required by nan law.

“That doesn’t mean it was an easy decision,” he said. “I was and americium afloat alert of nan symptom inflicted upon nan Salogar family, who has suffered overmuch and long. I americium sorry to spot nan family suffer further pain.”

The judge told Shawn Commire he believes it is imaginable he tin beryllium rehabilitated, though he still considers him a menace to society.

“That anticipation is successful your hands, Mr. Commire,” Sheeran told him. “Only you tin make it happen. Your encephalon is afloat formed now. There’s nary excuses.”

Rita M. Salogar

Rita M. Salogar

Case background

By nan outpouring of 2008, some Commires were sentenced to life imprisonment without nan anticipation of parole connected convictions of first-degree premeditated murder. Now 35, Robert Commire is imprisoned astatine nan Woodland Center Correctional Facility successful Whitmore Lake.

Shawn Commire’s caller condemnation is owed to nan U.S. Supreme Court’s 2012 ruling successful Miller v. Alabama that mandatory life sentences for those 17 and younger is simply a shape of sadistic and different reward and frankincense unconstitutional. In 2014, then-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder gave judges discretion to condemnation teen killers to life successful situation aliases 25 to much than 60 years successful situation to comply pinch nan Supreme Court decision. Then, successful a 6-3 determination successful 2016, nan nation’s highest tribunal ruled its 2012 determination applied retroactively.

Across 4 days successful June, Sheeran presided complete a proceeding to find if Shawn Commire merited a term-of-years sentence. Prosecutors had nan load of proving Shawn Commire is 1 of nan uncommon juvenile lifers who are irreparably corrupt and should person nan aforesaid life-without-the-possibility-of-parole sentence. Michigan State Assistant Appellate Defenders Tina N. Olson and Jacqueline Ouvry based on Shawn Commire is not beyond rehabilitation.

In November, Sheeran announced nan prosecution grounded to meet its load and that he was vacating Shawn Commire’s anterior sentence. Shawn Commire voiced his displeasure astatine this.

“I consciousness for illustration it’s unfair to support putting nan (Salogar) family done this,” Shawn Commire said. “I don’t admit what these families person to spell done pinch each these looming tribunal dates. I’m pulling nan plug connected each this. I’m not coming to tribunal successful December. I don’t request to beryllium resentenced, sir.”

The judge informed Shawn Commire that, sloppy of his wishes, he would beryllium resentenced.

Sheeran said grounds from experts connected nan encephalon improvement of children and adolescents underpinned his decision. Other mitigating factors included Shawn Commire’s traumatic childhood. Mostly unsupervised arsenic he grew up, Shawn Commire was subjected to beingness and intersexual maltreatment and lived successful a location pinch deplorable conditions.

“When he needed help, nary 1 was ever location for him,” Sheeran said. “He fell into supplier use, juvenile delinquency, improper behaviour successful school, and he dropped retired of school.”

Sheeran did not work together pinch nan defense’s assertion that Shawn Commire followed his older cousin’s lead and had little engagement successful Salogar’s homicide.

“The suspect is culpable of this crime,” he said. “He participated successful it knowingly (and) without reservation. It’s a difficult point to unravel and find who did precisely what pinch each of nan dozens of blows inflicted connected nan victim. It was arsenic horrible arsenic a crime arsenic you tin imagine.”

Dr. Daniel Keating, a professor of psychology, psychiatry, and pediatrics astatine nan University of Michigan and an master successful teen encephalon development, described nan teen encephalon arsenic “all accelerator, nary brakes,” adding adolescence ranges from ages 10 to 25. Thus, he opined Shawn Commire’s encephalon had 8 to 10 years of improvement to acquisition erstwhile he killed Salogar.

Keating described adolescents arsenic much focused connected benefits than risks. An teen is much prone than an big to prosecute successful risky behavior, moreover much truthful erstwhile successful nan beingness of a peer, Keating said. Goading from a adjacent whitethorn besides summation a youth’s likelihood to spell on pinch an impulsive act, he said. Similarly, an teen is little apt to halt risky behaviour erstwhile begun, he added.

On June 9, Shawn Commire himself addressed nan court.

“I don’t judge I merit to get retired of prison, ‘cause my crime that happened, and nan trauma (it) did against this family is really unforgiveable, truthful I don’t inquire for nary forgiveness,” Shawn Commire said.

Shawn Commire made nary excuses for his lengthy magnitude of misconducts while successful prison, including incidents of trading narcotics and intoxicant and assaulting chap inmates and corrections officers.

When Sheeran asked Shawn Commire what he thought he should do, nan slayer gave a frank reply.

“I merit earthy life, and I don’t expect thing different,” he said. “I’m sorry to nan Salogar family and to nan organization astatine large. I can’t do thing to return it back, and I tin only effort to beryllium amended and do better, and I’m gonna do that.”

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