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Disney and Pixar whitethorn beryllium struggling astatine nan container agency arsenic of late, but Universal Pictures and Illumination person been connected a rotation for nan past 3 years. Illumination’s Sing 2 and Minions: The Rise of Gru were nan top-grossing animated films of 2021 and 2022, respectively. This year, Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie was nan second-biggest deed of immoderate home film. Only Barbie made much money. To adjacent retired 2023, Illumination has 1 much original animated movie nether its wings: Migration.

Benjamin Renner and Mike White came up pinch nan communicative for Migration, but White is nan only credited screenwriter connected nan film. Renner besides co-directed it alongside Guylo Homsy arsenic they travel nan misadventures of a family of ducks who are attempting to recreation from New England to Jamaica.

Kumail Nanjiani headlines nan sound formed arsenic Mack Mallard, pinch Elizabeth Banks arsenic Pam Mallard, Caspar Jennings arsenic Dax Mallard, Tresi Gazal arsenic Gwen Mallard, Awkwafina arsenic Chump, Keegan-Michael Key arsenic Delroy, David Mitchell arsenic Googoo, Carol Kane arsenic Erin, and Danny DeVito arsenic Dan.

Now that Migration has arrived successful theaters, it’s clip to fto you cognize if you tin besides watercourse it from nan comfortableness of your ain homes this vacation season.

Is Migration streaming?

The family of ducks who prima successful Illumination's Migration.

No, not yet. Although Five Nights astatine Freddy’s had awesome occurrence pinch its day-and-date theatrical and streaming release, that’s usually not nan case. Animated movies thin to do amended successful theaters erstwhile they aren’t readily disposable to stream. Even nan thought that an animated movie will quickly caput to streaming helped punishment Disney’s Wish astatine nan container agency past month.

It’s excessively soon to opportunity really good Migration will execute other Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom, but counterprogramming films for families during nan vacation play has worked successful nan past. We won’t cognize if it worked this clip until Saturday astatine nan earliest.

Where will Migration beryllium disposable to watercourse astatine home?

Three birds successful a pond successful Migration.Universal Pictures

As a Universal Pictures film, Migration‘s first streaming extremity will beryllium connected Peacock. Universal has been known to nonstop animated flicks to Peacock arsenic soon arsenic 17 days aft they deed theaters. But unless Migration perfectly bombs successful theaters, a February aliases March streaming premiere connected Peacock is much likely.

Earlier this year, Universal besides demonstrated its willingness to nonstop its animated films to extracurricular streamers. Since Migration is animated, it will apt subordinate The Super Mario Bros. Movie connected Netflix astir nan mediate of 2024. And past it will yet migrate backmost to Peacock.

Migration is now playing successful theaters.

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