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Hyundai Motor Group says it's going to merchandise a purpose-built Large Language Model (LLM) that will shape portion of a caller infotainment operating system and AI sound adjunct successful its upcoming rider cars.

Chang-Hyeon Song, president and Head of nan New Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) Division wrong nan Hyundai Motor Group, told TechRadar successful an exclusive question and reply that his section was already moving alongside Naver, which Song refers to arsenic "the Google of South Korea", to cooperate connected building retired its existent LLM exemplary for usage successful early Hyundai models.

"The rumor pinch existent LLMs is that they don’t person entree to conveyance data," Song told america during a chat astatine this year's Consumer Electronics Show successful Las Vegas.

"These models don’t person entree to telephone contacts, they don’t person entree to conveyance settings and driver data, meaning existent models can’t springiness users each of nan answers," he says.

Volkswagen ChatGPT

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This year’s CES 2024 was peppered pinch Large Learning Model announcements and property releases outlining upcoming AI assistants successful vehicles. Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz were arguably nan astir vocal, pinch nan erstwhile announcing that, alongside chap Volkswagen Group marque Skoda, it would introduce ChatGPT into its vehicles.

However, VW made it very clear that ChatGPT would not summation entree to conveyance information; instead, its IDA sound adjunct would grip conveyance requests.

Song said he wanted to create a 'hybrid' strategy that would nonstop generic questions retired to Naver and different specified AI chatbot providers for answers, but would besides usage nan likes of Mapbox’s MapGPT’s location-intelligent AI sound adjunct for conversational navigational requests and Hyundai's in-house developed sound adjunct for conveyance functionality. The thought is that everything useful successful harmony, successful theory.

Chang-Hyeon Song CES 2024

Hyundai's Chang-Hyeon Song talking astatine CES 2024 (Image credit: Hyundai)

Song didn't divulge details, but a caller announcement from Mapbox stated that nan brace are already moving connected a solution that will "enable drivers to usage sound commands to power in-vehicle systems, including ambiance control, windows, and music", arsenic good arsenic merge celebrated outer apps specified arsenic OpenTable and TripAdvisor into nan upcoming navigation system, which Song says will get pinch a caller infotainment level successful 2026.

"I for illustration CarPlay, but astatine nan moment, we can’t springiness that strategy entree to conveyance data,” Song told us. "I want our upcoming infotainment strategy to beryllium arsenic CarPlay-like arsenic possible, wherever everything is taken attraction of successful 1 ecosystem and by 1 sound assistant," he added.

Song, a erstwhile worker of Apple and Microsoft, is besides nan laminitis of Naver Labs, nan R&D portion of South Korea’s biggest web hunt motor and world ICT marque Naver, which goes immoderate measurement to explicate his determination to harness Naver's existing investigation into LLMs.

Software everywhere

Beyond infotainment upgrades, Song's talent successful nan tech manufacture (he is CEO of autonomous transportation-as-a-service startup 42dot) has been called upon to recognize nan Hyundai Motor Group’s 'Software-defined Everything' (SDx) strategy, which looks to toggle shape "all moving devices, fleets and ecosystems into valuable assets done precocious package and AI," according to nan brand.

This will person a immense effect connected Hyundai’s adjacent large step, which will return it beyond nan the privately-owned vehicles of coming and into a afloat autonomous future.

"The attraction of nan adjacent 2 years is to present a caller infotainment strategy level pinch integrated AI adjunct and connection an app marketplace to customers," Song explains, arsenic he brings nan speech backmost to nan present.

Hyundai CES 2024

(Image credit: Hyundai)

"To do this, we are opening our API to third-party developers and saying 'here is our data, effort and amended connected what we person and return advantage of what we person built', truthful we tin create a slayer app that uses nan conveyance information to connection much to nan user. I deliberation that’s what distinguishes america from galore different OEMs, nan truth we are being open," he adds.

When quizzed whether Hyundai is nan first to do specified a thing, Song mentions Mercedes-Benz and nan activity nan German automotive elephantine is undertaking connected its ain MB.OS platform, 1 that besides promises to nexus vehicles to nan unreality and nan IoT. There was besides nary connection connected what nan 'killer app' would be.

"Initially, nan marketplace will connection services, specified arsenic User Based Insurance, which uses nan conveyance information capabilities I mentioned, but we don’t want to connection excessively galore features excessively soon. We want nan first features to beryllium tightly integrated pinch nan vehicle," Song adds.

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