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Although Google has been engaged producing generative AI devices to waste arsenic portion of its ever-evolving unreality business model, a caller study by The Information suggests nan institution whitethorn soon commencement utilizing AI itself, threatening immoderate workers' jobs.

After months of studies and reports claiming that AI will ‘help’ humans and not ‘replace’ them, nan biggest fearfulness affecting galore workers could person much assemblage than antecedently thought.

According to nan astir caller report, nan institution told workers that it would beryllium reorganizing its 30,000-person advertisement income unit, leaving galore fearing astir much redundancies to come.

Is Google replacing workers pinch AI?

Already this year, nan institution has laid disconnected much than 12,000 workers arsenic a consequence of rising costs caused by world economical uncertainties. In nan pursuing months, Google’s AI business started to return off, and it has now situated itself arsenic 1 of nan leaders successful artificial intelligence on pinch OpenAI and Microsoft.

The institution is now reportedly looking astatine utilizing AI, ML, and automation to thrust its ads business. It has already been injecting GenAI into nan advertisement acquisition for advertisers and customers, but this caller study indicates that nan time-saving exertion whitethorn soon beryllium utilized connected nan backmost end, too.

Lots of advertisers person already started utilizing nan Performance Max advertisement tool, which was updated earlier this year, meaning that less workers could now beryllium needed to specialize successful definite advertisement topics.

The study reveals that past year, 13,500 of nan company’s 30,000-strong advertisement income portion were moving connected projects that person been simplified aliases replaced by Performance Max.

It’s unclear really galore workers would beryllium affected if immoderate astatine all, but pinch specified boosts to efficiency, it’s clear that unless Google receives a surge successful customers, it whitethorn not request truthful galore workers.

TechRadar Pro has asked Google to remark connected nan matter and corroborate whether its AI has had an effect connected occupation security. Any update will beryllium posted here.

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