‘Gaza don’t you cry’: Dozens call for permanent ceasefire in march through Flint - world News Update

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  • Published: Dec. 21, 2023, 9:22 p.m.

FLINT, MI - The chant flew from a megaphone to a crowd filled pinch signs and flags.

“Gaza Gaza don’t you cry, Palestine will ne'er die.”

From grandparents to young children, dozens of group gathered extracurricular nan Dryden Building connected Thursday, Dec. 21, for a march successful support of Palestine.

Walking backmost and distant connected nan Saginaw Street sidewalks, galore successful nan group hoisted signs that publication “Nowhere successful Gaza is safe” and “Let Gaza live” and “For Humanity’s liking extremity nan genocide now.”

The group called for a imperishable cease-fire successful nan Israel-Hamas war.

Thursday night’s march was different successful a bid crossed Michigan since Oct. 7, nan time Hamas killed much than 1,000 mostly civilian Israelis according to nan Associated Press. Israel has conducted galore airstrikes connected Gaza since, pinch Palestinian decease tolls approaching 20,000, the AP reports.

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Mustafa Ghannoum, 60 of Flint, says he raised his children to beryllium leaders.

He was proud to spot it was his youngest daughter’s 10-year-old hands holding nan megaphone that started nan chant.

“That does not travel easy,” Ghannoun said, describing his vexation of Palestine being nether Israeli norm for much than 7 decades. “It’s earthy for our kids to travel retired for illustration that. She is brave and outspoken.”

After seeing and proceeding of what was happening successful Gaza, Ghannoum was moved to do his part.

“I’m from Syria, but Palestine is my location too. I person a batch of relatives, neighbors and friends from Palestine. To spot them suffering that overmuch does not make maine consciousness good,” Ghannoum said. “The rumor is not going to dice if they don’t lick it completely.”

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