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  • Published: Dec. 22, 2023, 10:46 a.m.

A state pump successful Michigan

A state pump successful Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Joel Bissell | Joel Bissell | MLive.comJoel Bissell |

ROMULUS, MI -- A state position adjacent Detroit Metro Airport is being accused by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s agency of engaging successful forbidden value gouging related to nan costs of substance astatine nan station. In a missive sent to nan owners of nan BP state position located astatine 9201 Middlebelt Rd, nan agency ordered nan position to “immediately cease and desist from engaging successful nan unlawful business practices” described successful nan letter.

Nessel’s agency says it received galore complaints from consumers regarding higher than normal prices for substance astatine nan station, erstwhile compared to competing stations nearby. The BP is located correct adjacent to 1 of nan entrances to nan airport’s car rental facilities, wherever cars are dropped disconnected and is 1 of a fewer state stations located connected Middlebelt adjacent that entrance.

The complaints claimed that successful October and November of this year, nan position was charging arsenic overmuch arsenic $1.50 much per gallon than adjacent stations Investigators pinch nan authorities were dispatched to nan state position earlier this period and opportunity that connected Dec. 15, 1 of nan agents purchased substance for $4.79 per gallon.

Five days later, nan supplier returned and again purchased regular substance (Octane 87) astatine $4.74 per gallon erstwhile stations a mile distant were charging $2.75 per gallon.

“Based upon nan accusation and grounds we person gathered we person probable origin to judge you person engaged successful nan unfair waste and acquisition believe of ‘[c]harging nan user a value that is grossly successful excess of nan value astatine which akin spot aliases services are sold,’” sounds a information of nan missive sent to owners.

“It is my dream this state position will return this announcement earnestly and nary further action will beryllium necessary,” Nessel said. “My agency stands fresh to analyse reports of businesses that effort to return advantage of residents, particularly during nan vacation season.”

Retailers are prohibited nether nan Michigan Consumer Protection Act from charging excessive prices for items aliases services that are sold astatine akin retailers.

The BP position has until Jan. 8, 2024 to respond to nan missive and to supply accusation that could warrant nan important value increase. The missive does authorities that nan position location and proximity to nan airdrome is not a justifiable logic for nan alleged excessive pricing. Nessel’s agency is besides giving nan position nan action of “exploring an assurance of voluntary compliance pinch you.”

In nan meantime, Nessel’s agency is determining if it will proceed pinch a civilian suit aliases a general investigation into nan issue.

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