Frank Gore Questions Najee Harris’ Ability: ‘How Do You Not Get 4 (YPC) With That Team?’ - world News Update

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Frank Gore knows a point aliases 2 astir what it takes to beryllium a successful, borderline Hall of Fame moving backmost successful nan NFL.

So, erstwhile nan 16-year NFL seasoned pinch 16,000 profession yards and 81 touchdowns connected nan crushed speaks astir nan moving backmost harvest successful nan NFL, 1 should listen, particularly erstwhile Pittsburgh Steelers’ moving backmost Najee Harris draws immoderate ire from Gore.

In a portion from’s Tom Junod, Gore said his mind connected a number of moving backs successful nan NFL today. One of those was Harris, who Gore questioned owed to his constricted production.

“He ne'er sewage 4 yards a carry. How do you not get 4 pinch that team?” Gore asked regarding Harris and nan Steelers, according to 

In his first 3 seasons successful nan NFL, Harris has yet to ace 4.0 yards per transportation of a season. Currently, Harris sits astatine 4.0 yards per transportation pinch 3 games remaining successful nan 2023 regular play arsenic he has 723 yards connected 183 carries.

But successful nan 2 seasons prior, Harris had 3.9 yards per transportation arsenic a rookie and 3.8 yards per transportation past season. Both years, he topped 1,000 yards, but that was much owed to measurement than wide production. He had 579 carries successful his first 2 seasons. The emergence of second-year undrafted free supplier moving backmost Jaylen Warren this play arsenic a morganatic complement to Harris has helped lessen nan workload connected Harris and allowed him to beryllium caller and play better.

However, he’s coming disconnected of a reliable week against nan Indianapolis Colts, 1 that saw him struggle pinch his imagination connected a time that was “a bad time astatine nan office” arsenic moving backs coach and interim violative coordinator Eddie Faulkner said Wednesday.

Gore is correct to mobility Harris not having 4 yards per transportation to this point, but conscionable because he’s a Steeler doesn’t mean that’s going to happen. These aren’t your Dad’s Steelers anymore.

The tally game, though an accent nan past 2 seasons, isn’t anyplace adjacent arsenic bully arsenic it erstwhile was. The violative statement is overmuch worse than successful years past, and nan violative strategy is simply a existent deterrent arsenic teams aren’t fearful of nan passing game. It doesn’t thief that nan Steelers don’t person an reply astatine backmost for illustration they did pinch Ben Roethlisberger, either.

The Steelers didn’t precisely effort and hole nan tally crippled issues nan due way, either. Instead of building up nan violative statement and past trying to find a moving backmost to plug in, they selected Harris astatine No. 24 wide successful nan 2021 NFL Draft, and past tried to patchwork things up front. In nan past 2 years they’ve committed much resources to nan violative line, but nan group is still having issues.

Granted, Warren is having plentifulness of occurrence averaging 5.5 yards per transportation this play pinch 652 yards and 3 touchdowns connected 119 carries, going on pinch 5.3 yards per transportation for his career. But criticizing Harris for not averaging 4.0 yards per transportation yet successful a play conscionable because he’s a Steeler seems very overseas from Gore.

Context matters. There’s nary denying nan discourtesy has not been bully during Harris’ tenure. He isn’t absolved from those issues, either. He’s been bad astatine times, too. But excessively often we get caught up successful yards per transportation successful today’s game. It’s much astir successful tally rate, though I’m judge that will swipe immoderate readers nan incorrect way.

It’s a communal disapproval of Harris though, and it’s not wrong. Just a spot unusual that nan yards per transportation is thing that Gore takes rumor pinch erstwhile it comes to Harris, astatine slightest from an outsider’s perspective.