Former Steelers QB Chris Oladokun Helping Chiefs Defense Prepare For Lamar Jackson - world News Update

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If Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes wins a 3rd Super Bowl successful 2023, he will transportation 2 erstwhile Pittsburgh Steelers pinch him on for nan ride. That includes 2022 draught prime Chris Oladokun. He has been a personnel of their believe squad for nan past 2 years.

While he has not earned a spot connected nan 53-man roster, he has made himself useful. Chiefs protect coordinator Steve Spagnuolo said highly of nan 26-year-old backmost this week starring up to their crippled against nan Baltimore Ravens successful nan convention finals, and for bully reason.

It is because he is preparing Spagnuolo’s defense to look Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, nan premiere backmost moving threat. He “only” rushed for 821 yards successful nan regular season, but added different 100 and 2 touchdowns successful Baltimore’s Divisional Round triumph complete nan Houston Texans. He is nan only backmost to unreserved for 100 aliases much yards successful nan postseason 3 times.

“I will opportunity we’re fortunate that we person Chris”, Ed Easton Jr. of nan USA Today quoted Spaguolo arsenic saying of Oladokun, noting that he was acting arsenic nan scout squad backmost emulating Jackson. “He did it past week for us. He was Josh Allen, and Blaine [Gabbert] did a small spot of it too, but you can’t simulate it”.

Oladokun sewage very small activity successful training campy and nan preseason arsenic a rookie successful 2002. Pittsburgh waived him outright; it is not known if they ever offered him a believe squad contract. If they did, past he turned it down. He signed pinch nan Chiefs’ believe squad connected August 31, 2022, a personnel of nan statement since then.

Oladokun ran a 4.71-second 40-yard dash astatine his Pro Day capacity successful 2022. He besides had a 2.68-second 20-yard split. His athleticism was ever an constituent of his attractiveness coming retired of college. But he did not get a chance to compete successful Pittsburgh successful a crowded backmost room.

He already has 1 Super Bowl ringing arsenic a personnel of nan Chiefs’ believe squad successful 2022. He could get another, successful his 2nd play since being drafted, having ne'er spent a 2nd connected an NFL 53-man roster. But arsenic Spagnuolo reminds, it is not without contributing to nan efforts.

“There are immoderate things that we person talked astir successful really we should believe to hole for [Jackson]”, nan Chiefs protect coordinator said. “I deliberation Chris gives america arsenic bully a look arsenic we’re gonna get during nan people of a believe week”.

Thus, indirectly, nan Steelers whitethorn thief nan Chiefs conclusion nan Ravens. Baltimore is participating successful its first convention finals since winning nan Super Bowl successful 2012. They are nan apical seed successful nan convention pursuing a stellar regular play successful which they mostly dominated nan champion teams they faced. The glaring objection was their 0-2 grounds against Pittsburgh—albeit including a play finale successful which they rested starters.