Film Room: One Really Impressive Rep By CB Joey Porter Jr. - world News Update

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In non-George Pickens news, let’s return a look astatine 1 rep from Saturday’s crippled against nan Indianapolis Colts. An disfigured crippled overall, sure, but there’s ever bully and bad nary matter nan result.

Since yet moving his measurement into nan starting lineup, CB Joey Porter Jr. has been talked astir less. It’s now conscionable a fixed that he’s an every-down player, often shadowing nan opposing apical receiver. Penalties person been an issue, still thing he’s adjusting to, but location was 1 rep against nan Colts that caught my eye. One that started pinch immoderate bad but ended pinch a batch much good.

Red zone. Colts travel retired successful 2×2 pinch a tight divided to nan boundary. Indianapolis is fundamentally moving a smash concept, a flat/corner operation designed to accent nan corner. If he drives nan flat, propulsion nan corner. If he sinks connected nan corner, propulsion into nan flat.

It appears Pittsburgh’s playing inverted Cover 2. Safety Patrick Peterson rotating and dropping down post-snap to go nan mediate spread subordinate while nan 2 extracurricular cornerbacks are responsible for nan heavy halves, replacing nan safeties’ normal assignment.

On nan snap, Colts QB Gardner Minshew II tries to clasp and bait Porter by looking astatine nan tight extremity successful nan flat. If he tin clasp Porter, nan area way will unfastened up and it’ll beryllium different touchdown to Mo Alie-Cox connected nan area way aft scoring connected that way earlier successful nan game. Initially, Porter originates to break down and respond to nan flat.

But he doesn’t afloat perpetrate and successful his area turn, keeps his eyes connected Minshew while realizing nan conception nan Colts are working. Minshew doesn’t want to propulsion nan flat, wants to deed nan corner.

Porter gets extent and uses a velocity move to flip his hips while keeping imagination connected nan shot and driving connected nan area route. He’s capable to get location successful clip to effect nan drawback constituent and get a portion of nan tight extremity to sound nan shot retired and forestall nan touchdown.

Here’s a look astatine nan full play. Porter to nan bottom, nan near corner.

Recovery. That’s nan connection I would use. Porter astir apt shouldn’t person spot connected nan level way to statesman pinch knowing he’s responsible for nan heavy half. But erstwhile he recognized nan conception and that Minshew was trying to bait and clasp him, he utilized awesome method to retrieve and put himself successful position make a play connected nan football. Overall, a coagulated rep.