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While Bob’s Burgers is champion known for its beloved Thanksgiving episodes, nan vacation that nan bid has celebrated astir regularly is Christmas. From last-minute gift-giving efforts to galore misadventures involving Christmas trees, nan Belchers person made a Christmas quality each twelvemonth since nan show started doing vacation episodes backmost successful play three. (This twelvemonth is nary objection — “The Nightmare 2 Days Before Christmas” aired this Sunday.) Christmas episodes are classical trappings for a TV show — astir each web bid seems to person astatine slightest 1 — but Bob’s Burgers excels because it takes this well-worn trope and often gets very weird pinch it.

Where Bob takes nan reins connected Thanksgiving, Christmas gives Linda and nan kids a chance to shine. Tina, Gene, and Louise are obsessed pinch presents — for illustration astir kids — and Linda conscionable loves nan tone of nan holiday. Christmas cheer is often peppered pinch very existent concerns of end-of-year budgeting and nan analyzable emotions that extended family brings retired astir nan holidays. Some of nan astir memorable episodes are besides a spot spooky, embracing nan often overlooked horror undertones of nan vacation season (A Christmas Carol is simply a scary story, okay?). Most importantly, nan champion Bob’s Burgers vacation episodes (regardless of what vacation is being celebrated) feel special, for illustration they couldn’t aerial immoderate different clip of nan year.

Whether you’re a newer spectator looking to binge each of nan episodes aliases a longtime instrumentality who conscionable wants to watch nan very best, we’ve sewage you covered. From nan kooky section that started it each to a caller front-runner, present is each Bob’s Burgers Christmas episode, ranked.

Christmas play intends it’s clip for DJ Gene to make an appearance, but calamity strikes erstwhile he rolls complete onto his beloved ’70s Christmas medium (Percy McTinsel-bud’s “Tinsel Machine”) — breaking some nan grounds and his heart. The kids effort to way down a transcript of nan elusive soundtrack, taking them from nan grounds shop to Courtney’s musician begetter earlier yet calling it quits. The family yet decides to astonishment Gene by rerecording nan album, to bumpy reception. Meanwhile, Teddy starts a vicinity Secret Santa pinch nan Belchers, Mort, and their mailman. The Secret Santa crippled is really beautiful great, but it takes a backmost spot to Gene’s communicative line, which is … fine? It’s still a nosy episode, but it doesn’t rather person nan other “oomph” that has travel to beryllium expected of Bob’s vacation episodes.

When a sheet blows and nan powerfulness goes retired successful their flat 2 days earlier Christmas, nan Belchers’ landlord Mr. Fischoeder agrees to put them up successful his family’s quiet hunting lodge complete nan holidays. They strap their character to nan apical of their car and group retired connected nan long, dark, and snowy thrust to nan upland mansion — only to recognize upon presence that they mislaid nan character connected nan trek up. After getting settled, they effort to switch it, and Linda yet sets retired connected her ain haggard travel to find it. It’s an absorbing premise and a nosy measurement to get nan Belchers into a caller situation (plus it calls connected immoderate fun, spooky elements), but nan promising opening yet flutters retired into an okay story. There’s tons of imaginable for nan Belchers to profoundly research their impermanent digs, but it’s passed complete successful favour of nan little intriguing character escapade (which feels for illustration it’s already benignant of been done successful past tree-centric Christmas episodes).

When nan Belchers are hired to cater nan elite Glencrest Yacht Club’s yearly vacation statement a fewer days earlier Christmas, Bob is flattered but confused arsenic to why his services were solicited. (Linda doesn’t springiness it excessively overmuch thought, believing that they’re deserving, and alternatively fixates connected nan truth that “the mayah!” is going to beryllium there.) When they study that Jimmy Pesto recommended them, Bob grows skeptical and becomes convinced that his archnemesis is readying to humiliate him. The kids, meanwhile, hatch a crippled to get immoderate of nan toys that Teddy (dressed arsenic Santa) has been hired to springiness retired to those successful need. Goofy and heartfelt, nan only existent responsibility of “Yachty aliases Nice” is that it’s not that memorable successful nan expansive strategy of things.

“Better Off Sled” is simply a awesome section of Bob’s Burgers. It ranks little connected this database mostly because it doesn’t consciousness arsenic Christmasy arsenic galore of nan different entries, but it’s wide a very coagulated snowy communicative that takes spot complete nan kids’ wintertime break. After a peculiarly bad snowstorm, Tina, Gene, and Louise are pumped to spell sledding pinch their friends astatine nan large elevation successful town. Unfortunately, nan older teens (including Louise’s nemesis, Logan) person taken complete nan area for snowball fights, and nan younger kids get caught successful nan transverse fire. Everyone is tempted to retreat, isolated from for Louise, who plans a Spartan attack. Linda’s effort to knit nan kids scarves for Christmas, only to recognize that she can’t knit to prevention her life (but Bob can!), is simply a item — arsenic are her “Knitcracker” nightmares.

The first Bob’s Burgers Christmas section is truthful awesome and overseas — very precedent-setting! In “Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins,” Bob’s uncle dies and bequeaths him a retention unit. Bob inherits nan contents of nan unit, which see Chet, a man that his uncle was allowing to unrecorded there. The Belchers fto nan man enactment pinch them successful nan days starring up to Christmas, during which clip he decorates their edifice model pinch progressively elaborate vacation displays that pull customers, but they slow travel to recognize that Chet mightiness beryllium a small “off.” Specifically, he believes that he is simply a mannequin travel to life who has mislaid his mannequin wife, Nadine. It’s a niche crippled that someway useful and establishes that nan writers tin do genuinely thing during nan Christmas episodes.

When nan kids upset a promenade Santa, Louise fears that he’ll study backmost to nan existent Santa successful nan North Pole and they won’t get immoderate gifts connected Christmas morning. In an effort to appease nan man, Louise helms a accumulation astatine nan mall’s ice-skating rink wherein she and her siblings will performatively recap their bully deeds of nan year. The champion part, however, isn’t nan kids’ performances and alternatively comes from nan adults who thief (featuring a bourbon-inspired capacity from Mr. Fischoeder and his brother, Felix, arsenic good arsenic immoderate skating accompaniment from Teddy and his lucky team). While this mightiness beryllium Louise’s astir present-hungry episode, it besides leads to immoderate bully introspective reasoning from nan youngest Belcher astir what it intends to really beryllium a bully person. “Nice-Capades” is simply a sweet, coagulated introduction into nan Christmas-special canon, only hindered by nan truth that respective of nan different Christmas episodes are simply moreover better.

In “Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas,” Linda gets a temp occupation astatine nan station agency during nan vacation play to thief rake successful a small other cash. She embraces nan task pinch gusto and loves to spot presents making their measurement to families conscionable successful clip for Christmas. Unfortunately, 1 coming accidentally gets near behind, and she takes it upon herself to make judge it gets to nan small boy it’s addressed to. Bob, successful turn, is stressed, because Linda’s parents and sister are coming complete and he doesn’t want to beryllium near unsocial pinch them to defuse nan tension. Although Linda assures him that she’ll beryllium backmost successful time, nan evening gets analyzable and she takes disconnected connected a rogue ngo (with Gene and Louise successful tow), which forces Bob and Tina to get imaginative pinch their peacekeeping abilities backmost astatine home. This is simply a awesome illustration of a Linda escapade section (à la nan unthinkable “Lindapendent Woman” and “Eat, Spray, Linda”), wherever she’s capable to onslaught retired from her family and clasp her greatest, weirdest whims.

When Mr. Fischoeder asks Bob to bring immoderate nutrient to his location for a statement successful “The Last Gingerbread House connected nan Left,” Bob initially believes that it will beryllium a speedy drop-off earlier he tin subordinate his family for caroling. Things return an absorbing move erstwhile he discovers that Mr. Fischoeder is having a gingerbread-house title pinch his old, rich | friends and wants Bob to participate — and suffer connected purpose. Bob accepts, pinch nan knowledge that he won’t person to salary rent for a period and will beryllium capable to spend amended presents for nan kids, but he yet develops a competitory separator for nan elusive prize of getting to pet nan albino babe polar carnivore astatine nan section zoo. Linda, Teddy, and nan kids’ caroling is conscionable arsenic fun, particularly erstwhile they find a location that they judge a murderer (with an fantabulous singing voice) lives in. In summation to nan memorable Belcher antics, nan section besides serves arsenic a loving tribute to nan joys of recovered family.

While Linda’s parents and sister person been a salient portion of nan show since nan first season, nan specifications surrounding Bob’s broadside of nan family person had a slower unveiling. It’s not until “Father of nan Bob” that we meet Bob’s father, Big Bob, and study that he and Bob Jr. person ne'er had an easy narration (exacerbated by nan passing of Bob’s mother erstwhile he was young). Bob is reluctant to be his father’s Christmas Eve party, held astatine Big Bob’s Diner, but Linda hopes that this is nan twelvemonth they’ll beryllium capable to spot things over. Simmering feelings travel to a boil, but things are yet hashed retired successful nan champion measurement possible: by statement dancing successful a cheery bar. It’s a poignant section that captures nan classical Bob’s Christmas tone while besides building retired Bob’s interior world. What pushes it up of “Last Gingerbread” and “Maily Linda” is that it really manages to thief propel nan wide bid lore forward, a rarity successful a long-running animated comedy.

When Linda’s emotion for Christmas leads her to put a character up nan time aft Halloween (and past erstwhile it dies, to put up different one, which besides dies), nan Belchers find themselves tree-less connected Christmas Eve. Bob is good pinch this, but Linda finds it sacrilegious, and nan family sets retired to prime up a last Christmas character connected a snowy night. Things return a move for nan worse erstwhile they trim disconnected a candy-cane-shaped long-haul motortruck connected nan measurement location and, to their horror, recognize that nan driver is hunting them down. Scary and high-stakes, it yet results successful a hilarious showdown that reminds nan Belchers that they’re fortunate to get to walk nan holidays together. Everything astir nan section is pitch-perfect: nan Dutch-baby jokes astatine nan diner, nan “where do babies travel from?” reply successful nan car, and nan kids’ Santa trap accidentally ensnaring Teddy. Also, nan “Jingle successful nan Jungle” opus that Gene is obsessed pinch is genuinely addictive and worthy of his fanatical hype.

It’s benignant of chaotic that 8 seasons in, nan Bob’s squad said, “Hey, what if nan Christmas section were an epic horror-inspired philharmonic two-parter?” Just arsenic chaotic is nan truth that it worked. In “The Bleakening,” Linda observes that it conscionable hasn’t felt for illustration Christmas this twelvemonth and that they request to propulsion a vicinity Christmas statement astatine nan edifice to thief dispersed cheer. But Linda’s vacation enthusiasm is dashed erstwhile nan apical of their character (which displayed a postulation of nan kids’ ornaments) is stolen from nan party. The Belcher children judge that nan Bleaken — an animal that steals from children, according to Teddy — is down nan theft and group retired into nan nighttime connected Christmas Eve to way it, followed soon aft by a worried Bob and Linda. The spooky travel yet results successful nan find of an underground cheery Christmas rave (and Linda’s character top) pinch a fewer acquainted faces, and a expansive sacrificial move from Bob. The section has everything that makes Bob’s Burgers great: aggregate catchy original songs, experimentation pinch genre, and an unexpected uncover that nan full family tin enjoy.

This is simply a really beautiful section of television. Written by bid creator Loren Bouchard (with a communicative from longtime Bob’s writer Kelvin Yu, who is credited successful immoderate measurement pinch each of nan top-four entries connected this list), “The Plight Before Christmas” is specified a astonishing delight aft 10 years of Christmases pinch nan Belchers. The section finds nan family connected a peculiarly stressful night, erstwhile Gene’s sixth-grade vacation performance falls connected nan aforesaid nighttime arsenic Tina’s Thundergirls play. Bob and Linda deliberation that they’ve sewage it handled by splitting up and each attending 1 show, only for Louise to propulsion a wrench successful nan plans erstwhile she reminds nan family that she has a poesy reference astatine nan library. She quickly assures them that it’s conscionable a gag and that they don’t request to attend, but Tina — nan astir emotionally intuitive Belcher — realizes that it mightiness really beryllium an important juncture for her younger sister. As Gene’s people plays a gorgeous xylophone portion that could people The Leftovers, we study that Tina has fixed up her prima (not starring!) domiciled successful bid to beryllium location for Louise’s reading, which is simply a amazingly heartfelt ode to Christmas greeting pinch her family. The plot, on pinch nan last scene, underscores conscionable really overmuch they each emotion each other, which has ever been nan show’s not-so-secret weapon.

Every Bob’s Burgers Christmas Episode, Ranked