Dungeon of Doom mailbag: Lions playoff scenarios, plus hear from the wild Ceedy Duce - world News Update

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  • Published: Dec. 22, 2023, 8:54 a.m.

Detroit Lions return connected Seattle Seahawks for location opener successful Week 2

Detroit Lions protect backmost C.J. Gardner-Johnson celebrates aft tackling Seattle Seahawks moving backmost Kenneth Walker III for a nonaccomplishment during nan first half of nan Week 2 crippled against nan Seattle Seahawks for nan 2023 location opener connected Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023 astatine Ford Field successful Detroit. (Jake May | MLive.com)

ALLEN PARK -- Ceedy Duce, nan Detroit Lions protect backmost formerly known arsenic C.J. Gardner-Johnson, was backmost successful nan locker room and astatine believe this week.

And let’s conscionable say, he’s intolerable to miss aliases overlook. MLive’s Dungeon of Doom podcast is backmost pinch different mailbag episode, and we’ve sewage a small dainty included, pinch a chance to perceive immoderate of Duce’s chaotic question and reply and really he was capable to return from a torn pectoral wounded successful only 3 months time. It’s wild.

Hosts Kyle Meinke and Ben Raven led america done different jam-packed mailbag podcast, pinch a record-number of questions submitted done our Dungeon of Doom Insider Texts program. Topics covered see nan playoff scenarios astir these parts, what a playoff gathering pinch Matthew Stafford and nan Los Angeles Rams would mean and nan possibilities of rookie Hendon Hooker.

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“Well, I deliberation that’s pinch immoderate subordinate that’s coming disconnected an injury,” Lions protect coordinator Aaron Glenn said of Duce’s return. “You person to person assurance successful what you’re doing. He has to person assurance to him going retired location and making tackles. And he will, I cognize that subordinate very, very well. And erstwhile he gets a chance to practice, let’s spot what he tin do and let’s spot him spell retired location and compete pinch nan different guys and spot who gets nan chance to get nan job.”

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