Depot After Dark: Big Ben On Big Screen, Watt’s Thigh Pad, Broderick Jones Gives Back - world News Update

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A Steelers Depot regular segment. A speedy deed of immoderate Pittsburgh Steelers and Steelers-related stories that whitethorn not require a complete and dedicated article but nuggets worthy mentioning and passing connected to you guys. The aforesaid arsenic our caller Depot Daily, but now precocious astatine nighttime to amended seizure nan news of nan day.

Your Depot After Dark for Nov. 20.

Big Ben On Big Screen

Ben Roethlisberger is group to beryllium featured successful an upcoming movie detailing nan history of nan NFL’s first game. Entitled Triangle Park and airing November 22, Roethlisberger will beryllium 1 of galore family names featured.

Per nan AMC Theater website, the movie is described as:

“Triangle Park is simply a documentary movie based connected nan first-ever NFL Football crippled written and directed by Allen Farst. The film, for nan first time, will uncover nan facts astir this seminal crippled successful complete 100 years. One of 14 original master teams, nan Dayton Triangles played connected Sunday, October 3rd, 1920.”

While master shot has existed since nan early 1880s (with roots correct successful Pittsburgh), nan NFL wouldn’t beryllium founded until astir 40 years later astatine nan Hupmobile Dealership successful Canton, Ohio, nan logic why nan Pro Football Hall of Fame is located there. It’ll beryllium breathtaking to spot Roethlisberger’s domiciled while learning astir nan game’s roots.

T.J. Watt’s Thigh Pad

Eagle oculus arsenic shared by nan CBS Sports Instagram account. On T.J. Watt’s near thigh pad is an outline of his patented leg-kick sack celebration.

Watt’s gotten to observe plentifulness this play pinch 11.5 sacks done nan team’s first 10 games. That people ranks 3rd successful nan convention only down Myles Garrett’s 13 and Danielle Hunter’s 12. Watt now has astatine slightest a half-sack successful each of his past 4 games.

Broderick Jones Gives Back

Broderick Jones is giving backmost astir nan holidays, helping shape a Thanksgiving thrust backmost location successful Atlanta, Georgia. As shared by Joshua Shepphard, who helped put nan arena together, they served scores of group successful nan area pinch a basking meal.

The arena took spot Sunday greeting truthful Jones was evidently incapable to attend. Below is simply a slideshow of photos of nan arena that seemed to person a awesome turnout. Feel-good news aft a reliable nonaccomplishment yesterday.

Cardinals LB On IR

Arizona Cardinals LB Kyzir White is headed to IR owed to a biceps injury, caput coach Jonathan Gannon announced Monday. It intends he will miss nan team’s Week 15 crippled against nan Steelers.

White had started each 11 games this season, acold and distant nan squad leader pinch 90 tackles. He besides picked up 2 sacks, 3 walk deflections, and an interception. Signed complete from nan Philadelphia Eagles this offseason, his absence will beryllium a large nonaccomplishment to a Cardinals’ defense that ranks adjacent nan bottommost successful astir categories, including 27th successful points per game.