Chris Hoke: ‘Pure Passer’ QB Mason Rudolph Can Give ‘A Boost To This Offense’ - world News Update

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The Pittsburgh Steelers person ruled retired QB Kenny Pickett connected Thursday aft practice, per Brooke Pryor of ESPN. In Week 15’s crippled against nan Indianapolis Colts, Mitch Trubisky was pulled successful favour of Mason Rudolph pinch conscionable complete 2 minutes remaining successful nan game. That inclination continued pinch nan Steelers updating their extent floor plan early successful nan week to bespeak Rudolph arsenic nan superior backup.

Former Steelers DL Chris Hoke joined 93.7 The Fans’ The Cook & Joe show connected Thursday greeting and discussed what Rudolph tin bring to nan offense.

“I deliberation Mason tin springiness a boost to this offense,” said Hoke. “He’s a axenic passer. He’s sewage a deficiency here, he’s sewage a deficiency there, but each azygous backmost connected this roster has deficiencies correct now. So why not springiness him a chance and spot if he tin ignite this discourtesy and put immoderate points connected nan board.”

Pickett has been retired for nan past 2 games pinch a precocious ankle sprain that required room to thief nan treatment process along. Rudolph only sewage 1 thrust successful nan nonaccomplishment to nan Colts connected Saturday and he completed 2 of his 3 passes. His grounds arsenic a starter pinch nan Steelers, successful 10 games, is 5-4-1. All 5 of those wins came successful 2019 erstwhile Ben Roethlisberger was injured for nan play pinch an elbow issue. He has only started 2 games since past and went 0-1-1. That being said, he did person 4 games successful 2019 pinch 2 touchdown passes, thing nan Steelers person struggled to get retired of their quarterbacks lately. Those games came successful conscionable his 2nd play successful nan league.

“I deliberation he’ll person [a] aggregate touchdown game,” Hoke predicted. “I deliberation that you’ll spot him, if he starts and he plays nan full game, I deliberation he’ll propulsion complete 250 [yards]. This guy’s a quarterback. He’s a thrower. That’s what he does. I deliberation he’s gonna person a bully game.”

He is predicting Rudolph to do thing that nary Steelers QB has done this season—throw for complete 250 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hoke likes nan measurement Rudolph has showed up to activity mundane contempt being bumped to 3rd drawstring connected nan extent floor plan and moving backwards successful his career.

“Mason has passed nan trial each azygous time,” Hoke continued. “He’s been a pro’s pro.”

The Steelers will beryllium relying connected his professionalism and preparedness successful a large crippled that, if lost, will apt spell nan extremity of nan play for this team.