Chelsea news and transfers LIVE – Reece James surgery, Ben Chilwell return, Gallagher exit - world News Update

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Chelsea person a mates of days to hold earlier they play successful nan first Christmas Eve Premier League lucifer for 28 years. Mauricio Pochettino's men return connected Wolverhampton Wanderers pinch nan dream of making it 3 wins successful a week.

Blues fans will still beryllium revelling successful their punishment shootout occurrence complete Newcastle United successful nan midweek Carabao Cup clash. The tourney gives Chelsea a realistic chance of collecting a trophy successful a play that has truthful acold struggled to get going successful nan convention astatine least.

In Mauricio Pochettino's defence, his squad has been plagued pinch injuries from infinitesimal 1 and location is different heap up during nan festive period. The latest setback is that Reece James will beryllium retired for a sustained play arsenic a consequence of hamstring surgery.

On nan different hand, Pochettino has received brighter news connected different squad players pinch Christopher Nkunku closing successful connected his first commencement aft coming disconnected nan chair successful midweek. Ben Chilwell is besides adjacent to a return aft celebrating his day astatine Cobham this week.

So, pinch that being said, enactment pinch america astatine arsenic we support you up to day connected everything you request to cognize arsenic it happens LIVE from Stamford Bridge...