Call for proposals: UK Appalachian Research Symposium and Arts Showcase - world News Update

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (Dec. 21, 2023) — The University of Kentucky’s Graduate Appalachian Research Community (GARC) is encouraging students to participate successful nan 2024 Appalachian Research Symposium and Arts Showcase.

The 13th yearly arena will beryllium held Saturday, March 2, successful nan first-floor atrium of nan Healthy Kentucky Research Building pinch a schedule to beryllium announced soon. The taxable for nan symposium and arts showcase is “Just Futures.”

“While Appalachia is often imagined arsenic mired intractably successful nan past, our attraction connected conscionable futures was chosen to envision together what conscionable Appalachian futures mightiness look like,” said Jed DeBruin, GARC president.

GARC, on pinch nan UK Appalachian Center and Appalachian Studies Program, dream undergraduate and postgraduate students crossed a assortment of disciplines — environmental studies, medicine and nationalist health, life and beingness sciences, nan societal sciences and humanities — will showcase their activity connected Appalachia.

“Appalachian studies brings together group from each kinds of disciplines, said Michelle Roberts, a doctoral anthropology student and organizer of nan symposium. “‘Just Futures’ was nan consequence of realizing thing we each person successful communal — this thought that portion of being a clever clever of Appalachia is not focusing conscionable connected nan past and present, but reasoning astir what a early based connected nan principles of justness could mean for Appalachians and nan region arsenic a whole.”

Students tin coming individual aliases group papers, person a afloat sheet presentation, show a poster to summarize their findings, aliases showcase their creator activity — films, philharmonic performances, short plays, paints and different media, photography and imaginative writing.

The arena will besides let students to network, collaborate, study and research issues applicable to Appalachian communities.

Students creating capacity aliases ocular artworks related to Appalachia are powerfully encouraged to participate. Abstracts must beryllium submitted by Feb. 13 online here. You tin find much accusation connected requirements online here.

The arena is free to attend. Anyone wanting to be nan symposium, and each presenters, must registry online here by 5 p.m. Friday, Feb. 16.

If you person questions aliases concerns you tin email [email protected].

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