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By Jihane Bousfiha, a freelance writer who's covered movie and tv since 2020.

I ended my past recap by saying that I dream Natalya and Kyle get thrown overboard, and aft 9 full weeks of having to woody pinch their obnoxious behavior, it has yet travel crashing down. It was a agelong clip coming, but Natalya’s tenure has travel to an extremity aft her conflict pinch Kyle put nan last nail successful nan coffin. More satisfyingly, Kyle besides gets a much-needed reality check. While I don’t deliberation nan play will beryllium capable to retrieve from an atrocious first half, I can’t thief but consciousness gladsome that this section is astir over. Manifestation works.

After Kyle fires disconnected respective insults astatine Natalya during their heated statement that began past week, Nat gathers her things to walk nan nighttime successful nan maestro compartment astatine Tumi’s suggestion. She’s appalled by Kyle’s behaviour toward her and calls him Satan successful a confessional, which is honestly justified. Don’t get maine wrong, Nat and Kyle are 2 peas successful a pod, but it still doesn’t warrant his fierce bullying. Kyle seems to judge that he’s nan only personification allowed to talk shit, telling america he’s “sick and tired” of Natalya inserting herself successful situations that don’t interest her and proceeding her rumors astir everyone. Pot, meet kettle. Could he beryllium immoderate little self-aware?

While Jessika and Luka flirt and Natalya talks pinch Lara (and later Tumi, who lacks a consciousness of urgency successful shutting each of this down) astir nan situation, Max and Kyle person different relationship aft Max accidentally runs into him connected deck. Max asks why Kyle was huffy astatine him earlier and past threatens to discontinue because of it. Kyle counters, “Because of maine aliases because of your attitude?” There was a connection obstruction that caused things to get a spot mislaid successful translation, truthful I don’t understand why Kyle’s trying to enactment for illustration he’s ever nan guiltless party. In nan end, they hug it retired and work together that Max tin telephone himself an state to nan LGBTQ+ community, but Kyle’s actions still time off a bad sensation successful Max’s mouth.

The adjacent morning, Tumi checks connected Natalya to show her that, supra all, she wants Natalya to consciousness safe. Natalya and Max yet determine to clasp disconnected connected going to nan formation edifice pinch everyone to debar Kyle and, arsenic Max says, his “drama.” Elsewhere, nan remainder of nan unit gets fresh for their time off, pinch Jack asking Lara to thief shave his backmost hair. “This is why I’m gay,” she says successful a confessional.

When Natalya checks successful pinch Max later, she reveals that she’s reached her breaking constituent and will beryllium leaving nan adjacent day. After this shitty play she’s had, I can’t blasted her and americium gladsome nan clip has yet arrived. They yet show up astatine nan resort, wherever nan power instantly shifts to nan constituent wherever you tin consciousness nan hostility done nan screen. Kyle, arsenic melodramatic arsenic ever, gets up and leaves nan area because he doesn’t want to beryllium adjacent Nat. He moreover tells Tumi that if Natalya sticks around, he’s going to time off completely, which would beryllium ideal.

During what’s expected to beryllium a relaxing day, Natalya is upset that cipher came to her defense nan erstwhile night, particularly Luka, since he didn’t cheque connected her. Then while Jessika chats pinch Max astir really she’s belief and tries to put “good power into nan world,” Natalya says, “Bitch [you] should not beryllium talking astir power correct now.” She adds that Jess avoiding her nan full time aft seeing her successful specified a bad spot says a batch astir who she is, and Jess conscionable sits location and agrees.

While I deliberation it sucks that nary 1 stood up for her, it conscionable seems for illustration cipher wants to get progressive because they each can’t guidelines her and nan play she’s mostly inserted herself into. Well, that is everyone but Jack, who spends nan time fuming astatine nan truth that cipher has spoken up astir really severely Kyle treated her and feels that there’s a “big divide” arsenic a result. As I’ve said before, Natalya is awful, but it’s arsenic bad to spot astir of nan unit not straight telephone Kyle retired for his inappropriate behavior.

Natalya leaves nan formation nine soon aft talking to her fellow connected nan telephone and instantly starts packing her bags upon returning to nan boat. When she texts Lara astir asking Luka to thief transportation her suitcase during dinnertime, everyone astatine nan array is informed that she’s readying connected leaving. No 1 seems to springiness a fuck, prevention for Jack, who says it doesn’t beryllium correct pinch him that his co-workers — for illustration Tumi, who tells america she isn’t going to clasp her backmost — for dismissing Natalya’s feelings and not giving overmuch of a crap astir her impending exit.

Max besides spent nan full time keeping a region from nan unit owed to his conflict pinch Kyle, which is making him mobility his early connected nan boat. In nan van thrust to nan nightclub, Kyle starts yapping astir really he doesn’t for illustration Max because caring astir his feelings is “so overmuch energy.” Only Vile Kyle, arsenic Nat called him, would deliberation that being a decent quality being is draining. He moreover spends nan evening expressing really “liberated” he feels now that Natalya is departing. What a prick. (Side note: I wish I could unsee him shaking his thong-clad ass straight into nan camera during nan group’s van creation party.)

At nan club, Jack drinks his worries distant to nan constituent wherever he tin hardly locomotion and stumbles around. Meanwhile, Jess chats pinch Tumi astir her blossoming boatmance pinch Luka and really she gets attached excessively easily. This instantly worries Tumi, who tin show that Luka is nan type of feline who gives zero fucks. This narration is going to spiral into a mess, and I benignant of can’t wait. This is nan type of play we signed up for.

Back on Mustique, Natalya confirms pinch Tumi that she’s leaving, and past Kyle, who rather virtually spent nan full time bitching astir Natalya, decides to person 1 past speech pinch her. He goes into nan maestro compartment and starts expressing really he’s heartbroken their relationship is complete and apologizes for everything he said. Cry maine a river. He’s truthful clone he mightiness arsenic good get nan connection tattooed connected his forehead.

The adjacent morning, it’s clip for nan infinitesimal we’ve each been anticipating. Natalya asks to meet Captain Sandy successful nan span and proceeds to tearfully stock everything that has happened pinch Kyle, from his outburst astatine Jess to his statement pinch Max and nan conflict pinch her that followed. Sandy instantly recognizes that Kyle is simply a bully, and Nat breaks nan news that she’ll beryllium leaving immediately. While disappointed — not only because Nat is awesome astatine her occupation but because it intends they’ll beryllium a stew down nan adjacent charter — Sandy understands and supports her decision. In a cleanable world, Nat and Tumi would’ve had a awesome moving narration without Kyle’s involvement, but instead, she showed america each her existent colors. So arrivederci and don’t fto nan doorway deed you connected nan measurement out!

While Sandy meets pinch Jack and Tumi to get much penetration into nan Kyle problem, Max wakes up emotion that he isn’t successful a bully environment, mostly acknowledgment to Kyle. He tells Luka an affinity astir really yachting is for illustration gambling and that you request to cognize erstwhile to rate out, truthful he’s decided to discontinue aft nan adjacent charter. I, too, would emotion to rate retired of this season. Luka’s confused because this is coming retired of nowhere, particularly since Max has been making awesome progress. I agree. We person earnestly mislaid nan plot, and I dream he yet chooses to stay.

In nan episode’s glorious last minutes, Captain Sandy goes disconnected connected Kyle, pointing retired that he’s been nan communal denominator successful each business that’s happened successful nan interior (correct!). She moreover goes truthful acold arsenic to opportunity she would ne'er bring him backmost arsenic a Chief Stew because of really affectional and unprofessional he is. I’ve prayed for times for illustration this. If Sandy doesn’t occurrence Kyle adjacent week, we must riot.

Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: The Final Straw