Barcelona and Real Madrid message sent as Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham face Super League issue - world News Update

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Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham could beryllium blocked from joining a caller Super League proposal. It comes aft nan European Court of Justice (CJEU) has ruled that FIFA and UEFA's determination to artifact nan statement of nan European Super League were 'contrary to EU law'.

The CJEU's's ruling does authorities that nan formation of nan convention should 'not needfully beryllium approved', pinch nan likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid welcoming nan decision. Following nan news, Barcelona released a connection which read: "FC Barcelona wishes to definitive its restitution pinch nan condemnation of nan European Court of Justice assessing nan Super League project.

"As 1 of nan clubs driving nan Super League project, FC Barcelona feels that nan condemnation paves nan measurement for a caller elite level shot title successful Europe. Opposing nan monopoly complete nan shot world, and wishes to initiate caller discussions arsenic to nan way that European competitions should return successful nan future."

This led to Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, releasing an 'institutional statement' successful which he besides expressed 'great satisfaction' pursuing nan CJEU's decision. In his statement, Perez said: "This time will people a earlier and after.

"It is simply a awesome time for nan history of shot and for nan history of sport. European nine shot is not and will not beryllium a monopoly and nan clubs are nan owners of their destiny.

"From Real Madrid we invited pinch awesome restitution nan determination of nan CJEU," he added. Speaking backmost successful May 2022, Perez said: "UEFA is simply a monopoly.

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"Their threats? We are not frightened of them. We person to punctual UEFA who Real Madrid is."

As talk of a caller Super League connection sparks backmost into life - pinch immoderate reports claiming it could grow from nan first thought of 20 teams, to up to 80 participants pinch clubs accessing nan convention done qualification from home competitions - it seems that Premier League clubs whitethorn beryllium blocked from joining specified an establishment.

This is because nan UK authorities are progressing towards passing a rule explicitly designed to make it forbidden for clubs to subordinate nan European Super League - aliases immoderate akin title - arsenic highlighted by The Athletic newsman Joey D'Urso. It has been made moreover harder for Premier League clubs to entreaty a determination owed to Brexit - meaning they could not entreaty to nan CJEU.

The rule successful mobility states: "Clubs will only beryllium capable to compete successful competitions that are approved by nan Regulator. This will let nan Regulator to forestall English clubs from joining breakaway competitions that did not meet predetermined criteria, successful consultation pinch nan FA and fans. Crucially, this will safeguard against a early European Super League-style breakaway league."

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