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NEW ORLEANS – Coaches often lament that 1 possession doesn’t find nan consequence of a game. However, 1 play tin undoubtedly specify a game.

Grizzlies prima Ja Morant made judge that Tuesday’s 115-113 nonaccomplishment by nan Pelicans will ever beryllium remembered arsenic nan nighttime he emphatically announced his return from a 25-game suspension pinch a game-winning buzzer-beater that’ll spell down successful history.


Morant led nan Grizzlies to a 24-point comeback triumph complete nan Pelicans pinch 34 points.

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— The Athletic (@TheAthletic) December 20, 2023

For Memphis fans, that triumph – and that changeable – was astir Morant reminding nan hoops world of his exceptional talent.

Pelicans fans spot it from a different viewpoint. While defensible, Green’s prime to time off helping stopper Herb Jones connected an land to take sides Morant 1-on-1 connected nan last bucket came into mobility almost instantly aft Morant’s changeable went done nan hoop.

Big picture, this was different difficult Pelicans nonaccomplishment successful a play that’s been promising aft a 16-12 start, but still uneven owed to collapses for illustration nan 1 they had to extremity this game. When teams commencement stacking up questionable losses precocious successful games, nan spotlight almost ever goes to nan caput coach – and his capacity erstwhile things get tight. Since New Orleans blew a 24-point lead anterior to Morant’s game-winner, rather a fewer of Green’s decisions were scrutinized.

Why let Morant to beryllium nan leader alternatively of forcing nan shot into personification else’s hands? Why not telephone a timeout connected nan last Pelicans’ possession for illustration Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins did to group up Morant’s game-winner? How does Trey Murphy only play 21 minutes? Why not usage Dyson Daniels much arsenic nan superior defender against Morant?

In nan end, Green knows nan correct reply to each these questions is wished by 1 thing.

“Did we win?” Green said jokingly astatine Wednesday’s practice. “The biggest point erstwhile you measure yourself is, ‘Did we triumph nan game?’”



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All NBA coaches cognize this is simply a results-based business. The process ne'er outweighs nan last score.

This is moreover much existent for teams pinch existent expectations for illustration nan Pelicans. With nan magnitude of talent this squad tin put astir Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum each night, it should, astatine a minimum, beryllium 1 of nan much vulnerable teams successful nan Western Conference.

But to get there, they must get retired of their ain way. In nan past, countless injuries to captious pieces prevented nan Pelicans from reaching their afloat potential. All nan pieces are location this year, and they’re playing comparatively well. They’ve conscionable struggled to adjacent retired galore games they had successful their grasp.

The Pelicans person blown a double-digit lead successful 7 of their 12 losses this season, and Tuesday’s conclusion to Memphis was nan 2nd clip New Orleans has mislaid aft starring by astatine slightest 20 points. With truthful galore explosive offenses astir nan convention these days, double-digit leads tin easy beryllium erased, particularly if they travel successful nan first half. Still, bully teams study really to support power passim nan crippled alternatively than allowing it to gaffe away.

Good coaches cognize that they play an basal domiciled successful that process. As New Orleans’ young halfway learns what’s required to support composure successful important moments, nan young coach starring this squad must spell done a akin maturation process.

Green has proven to beryllium nan leader and culture-setter nan Pelicans request amid nan tumult of nan Zion Williamson era. But arsenic Green navigates done his 3rd play arsenic a caput coach, he is still learning erstwhile and really to push nan correct buttons pinch nan rotation adjustments and in-game tactical moves that are often nan quality betwixt winning and losing.

This process doesn’t hap overnight, particularly for coaches pinch arsenic small acquisition arsenic Green possessed erstwhile he began his Pelicans tenure. He was conscionable six years removed from his ain playing profession erstwhile he took nan Pelicans’ caput occupation successful 2021, and had only been an adjunct coach for nan erstwhile 5 seasons. However, arsenic unit grows connected a Pelicans halfway led by Williamson and Ingram to beryllium it has what it takes to scope nan adjacent level, it will besides emergence connected Green to nutrient successful moments erstwhile his squad needs him to make nan correct chess moves.

“As you advancement arsenic a coach and arsenic a team, hopefully we’re learning arsenic we grow,” Green said. “We spot situations wherever we tin beryllium better. We spot things that we’re doing well. For me, I return afloat ownership that I want to beryllium nan champion that I tin beryllium for our squad and put america successful nan champion imaginable position to triumph those games. When we triumph them, it’s each good. When you don’t, you spell location and rack your encephalon around, ‘What could I person done better?’”



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The biggest root of vexation for nan Pelicans is their repeated struggle to put winnable games distant contempt seizing power early on. It’s for illustration they go a different squad aft halftime.

Through nan first 28 games of nan season, they’ve outscored their opponents by 169 points successful nan first half. Only nan league-leading Boston Celtics person a larger first-half constituent differential. Conversely, New Orleans has been outscored by 113 points successful nan 2nd half this year, which ranks 26th successful nan NBA. They spell from being a top-5 squad successful nan first half to a bottom-dweller erstwhile intermission ends.

Those struggles proceed into nan biggest minutes astatine nan extremity of nan game, erstwhile it becomes moreover much imperitave to execute connected each possession. Per, nan Pelicans are 5-6 successful “clutch” games this season, defined arsenic those which characteristic a separator of 5 points aliases less astatine immoderate constituent successful nan last 5 minutes of nan 4th fourth aliases overtime. Their discourtesy successful these moments has been peculiarly bad; Washington and Detroit, which person a mixed 6-47 grounds this season, are nan only teams that people less points per 100 possessions successful “clutch” games this season. In those 39 “clutch” minutes, nan Pelicans person made a full of 3 3-pointers.

With specified a immense quality betwixt nan measurement this squad looks from 1 half to nan next, there’s nary easy solution that’ll hole nan problem immediately. The extremity should beryllium pinpointing each small point that has gone incorrect truthful acold and moving to find solutions.

It’ll beryllium important for Green to play a starring domiciled successful uncovering nan correct measurement to lick this rumor and motivating his group to travel retired pinch nan correct strength level erstwhile nan 2nd half begins. Coaching isn’t ever astir split-second decisions successful nan past infinitesimal of nan 4th quarter. It’s often a trial for nan coach to place nan larger factors holding their squad backmost and beforehand a solution that useful for all.

Green has demonstrated maturation successful his knowing of trends and analytics, but his biggest spot has ever been communicating pinch his players successful a measurement that gets done to them. That stood retired again aft nan team’s believe connected Wednesday pursuing nan Memphis defeat.

“I emotion what we’re doing successful nan first half. That’s great. It’s been great,” said Pelicans guardant Larry Nance Jr., echoing Green’s sentiment. “In nan 2nd half, it’s been slow (and) sluggish.”

The biggest challenges for Green will beryllium nan aforesaid issues that were identified earlier nan play started. When this squad is healthy, it legitimately has 12 players who could execute reasonably good successful a regular rotation role. However, there’s nary measurement a coach tin see 12 players successful a regular rotation. Exceeding 10 players often feels for illustration overkill. As those rotation minutes dispersed out, it makes it much difficult for anyone coming disconnected nan chair to create a bully hit connected some ends.

The different rumor is uncovering ways to create nan correct shots astir Ingram and Zion precocious successful nan 4th fourth erstwhile nan crippled is connected nan line. The “clutch” discourtesy has been overmuch much reliant connected Ingram this season. He’s performed comparatively good nether that pressure, scoring 31 points successful nan “clutch” this twelvemonth while shooting 52 percent from nan section successful those unit moments. But Williamson has only scored 12 points successful those late-game situations, and he’s shooting conscionable 5-of-12 from nan field. The squad must make a much important effort to get those 2 progressive arsenic successful pivotal moments and not beryllium truthful limited connected Ingram to do everything.

Another portion of nan issue: Ingram and Williamson person mixed for 5 assists and 10 turnovers this play astatine nan extremity of adjacent games. They must make smarter decisions connected nan floor, and nan discourtesy must supply them pinch capable abstraction to make those decisions much easily.

Green said he’s made strides successful trusting his threat judgments astatine important points successful nan crippled and increasing much comfortable pinch what he’s seeing successful those moments.

“I consciousness for illustration I’m trusting it more,” Green said. “I’m trusting nan processes that we get to more. Sometimes, nan crippled tin not commencement nan measurement I want to, but I’m not overreacting.”

It’s bully for nan coach to debar overreacting arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. However, if New Orleans keeps blowing these games aft maintaining power for ample stretches, location will only beryllium much beardown reactions to nan mobility of Green’s aptitude and fresh successful this franchise’s future.

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