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The RX 7600 XT graphics paper connected a pinkish background.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

AMD and Nvidia are ever competing erstwhile it comes to producing nan best graphics card of nan year. It’s safe to opportunity that they some ever try, but AMD’s latest effort feels for illustration it whitethorn earnestly backfire.

The caller RX 7600 XT feels for illustration an effort to hole problems pinch nan original RX 7600, but it ends up being thing that Nvidia should beryllium sending AMD a consequence handbasket for.

AMD repeated Nvidia’s mistakes

Nvidia’s RTX 40-series is, for nan astir part, a success. The summation of DLSS 3 made nan lower-tier cards really pop, and nan flagship RTX 4090 offers a monolithic generational uplift. But Nvidia made a mates of mistakes pinch this generation, and surprisingly, AMD repeated them some pinch nan RX 7600 XT.

For starters, nan worth for nan money of immoderate RTX 40 graphics cards is beautiful terrible. Take nan RTX 4080 — that was a $1,200 GPU that should person costs $800 to $900. Nvidia fixed that correction pinch nan RTX 4080 Super, but that’s an outlier and not nan norm. For nan astir part, Nvidia’s GPUs could guidelines to beryllium cheaper successful this gen, and this is existent for GPUs for illustration nan RTX 4070 Ti and nan RTX 4060 Ti, too. At their existent prices, they’re still excessively expensive.

However overseas that mightiness sound, nan $330 RX 7600 XT suffers from nan aforesaid predicament.

It’s a fund graphics card, to beryllium sure, but that conscionable makes nan value tag much noticeable than it would person been connected a high-end model. At $60 much than its predecessor, nan RX 7600 XT doesn’t really person overmuch of a declare to that benignant of increase. It makes consciousness that AMD would bump up nan value a small spot pinch nan XT model, but honestly, moreover $300 would person felt for illustration a batch fixed that nan GPU offers small to warrant nan change.

RX 7600 XT RX 7600
Stream processors 2,048 2,048
Compute units 32 32
Game clock 2.47GHz 2.25GHz
Memory 16GB GDDR6 8GB GDDR6
Memory speed 18 Gbps 18 Gbps
Memory bus 128-bit 128-bit
TDP 190W 165W
List price $330 $270

That’s nan 2nd correction that AMD has made — nan specs of nan RX 7600 XT time off thing to beryllium desired. It’s fundamentally nan aforesaid graphics paper arsenic nan $270 RX 7600, pinch nan aforesaid number of watercourse multiprocessors (SMs) and compute units (CUs). We’re getting a mini boost successful nan crippled timepiece velocity and a bump successful TDP. More notably, nan RX 7600 XT gets doubly nan representation arsenic its predecessor, going from 8GB to 16GB VRAM. Unfortunately, AMD chose to support nan aforesaid constrictive 128-bit bus, efficaciously stifling nan card’s bandwidth.

This is nan aforesaid point that Nvidia’s done pinch nan RTX 4060 Ti. Controversial from nan get-go owed to nan $400 value tag and less-than-impressive performance, nan GPU received a 2nd type not agelong aft its launch. It sports nan nonstop aforesaid specs, speech from nan VRAM, which has gone up from 8GB to 16GB. And, again, that representation is dispersed crossed a 128-bit interface.

Putting those 2 blunders together makes for a disappointing card. Instead of ruling nan fund segment, nan RX 7600 XT only serves to make Nvidia’s mediocre cards look better.

Too overmuch competition

RTX 4060 Ti sitting adjacent to nan RTX 4070.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

We’ve tested nan RX 7600 XT extensively and compared it to our benchmarks for immoderate of its rivals. It’s safe to opportunity that AMD has strayed from what worked for it successful nan past.

The RTX 4060 is an evident illustration of this. It costs $30 less, but crossed our full trial suite, it came retired to beryllium astir 2% faster than nan RX 7600 XT connected mean successful 1080p gaming. This is simply a GPU that was disappointing successful its ain right, seeing arsenic it couldn’t moreover support up pinch nan last-gen RTX 3060 Ti — and it’s not leagues faster than nan RTX 3060, either. Putting it astatine a higher value constituent is thing for AMD to beryllium proud of correct now.

1080p capacity for nan RTX 4060 and RX 7600.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

In position of existent gameplay, nan RX 7600 XT is comparable to nan RTX 4060 successful astir titles. However, successful immoderate games, nan other VRAM — against each likelihood — helps it sprout ahead. This includes Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Last of Us Part I. On nan different hand, in Resident Evil, nan RTX 4060 wins by a decent separator of 125.

Moving connected to 1440p helps nan RX 7600 XT drawback up to Nvidia’s RTX 4060. And it still wins successful definite games that use from nan 16GB of memory, but it’s not a triumph crossed nan board. If anything, it conscionable proves that nan RTX 4060 does a amazingly decent occupation pinch conscionable 8GB of VRAM.

Ray tracing is still nan Achilles’ bottommost of AMD GPUs, and though nan RX 7600 XT isn’t bad astatine successful this regard, Nvidia does it better. No astonishment there, but it (again) makes maine wonderment what that other $30 is getting me.

Nvidia’s RTX 4060 isn’t nan only competitor of nan RX 7600 XT, however. This conception is becoming rather crowded, pinch cards for illustration nan RTX 4060 Ti and nan Arc A770 each offering akin performance. Even AMD’s last-gen RX 6700 XT is simply a viable choice, seeing arsenic it only costs astir $20 more.

Benchmarks of nan RX 7600 XT astatine 1080p.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

It’s nary astonishment that nan RTX 4060 Ti shoots up of nan different GPUs connected nan list. Comparing nan $400 Nvidia paper to nan $330 AMD replacement really makes nan RTX 4060 Ti look for illustration it’s immoderate benignant of a awesome deal, which — let’s beryllium clear — it isn’t. It’s comparable to nan last-gen RTX 3060 Ti successful galore games, and moreover erstwhile it wins, it doesn’t triumph by much. Then there’s nan 16GB type that sometimes ends up being slower than nan 8GB one, and moreover erstwhile it’s not, it’s adjacent to nan same.

See really akin that business is to what we’re seeing pinch AMD here? It’s really for illustration Team Red’s return connected nan RTX 4060 Ti each complete again.

The RX 7600 XT besides conscionable somewhat outpaces Intel’s Arc A770, and that GPU costs $300 to $320 pinch 16GB VRAM. Intel doesn’t person nan aforesaid benignant of trump paper that Nvidia does successful this generation, though. Nvidia besides provides entree to DLSS 3.5. Frame procreation tin elevate nan RTX 4060 to overmuch higher levels of performance, and, while AMD’s rival FSR 3 is an betterment complete nan erstwhile gens, it hardly exists correct now. It’s only supported by 4 games truthful far. Nvidia’s database is acold longer, astatine astir 80 titles, including immoderate of nan astir celebrated AAA games retired correct now.

AMD should person won this battle

Radeon logo connected nan RX 7600 XT graphics card.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Nvidia’s midrange GPUs successful this procreation haven’t been excessively impressive. With mediocre capacity gains and inflated prices, nan 60-level cards aren’t nan go-to options that they erstwhile were. The RTX 4070 Super is nan first awesome value/great capacity offering successful Nvidia’s lineup, and that paper is $600. Everything beneath that value constituent should beryllium ripe for nan picking, and AMD should beryllium dominating those sales. Instead, it’s pushing buyers toward Nvidia.

Not each GPU needs to beryllium a masterpiece to beryllium remembered for years for illustration immoderate of nan best graphics cards of each time. All AMD had to do to make nan RX 7600 XT worthwhile was to value it according to its capabilities. The creation choices are questionable, but it wouldd still beryllium a decent replacement to Nvidia’s overpriced GPUs … if only AMD had followed its accustomed performance-per-dollar strategy. The RX 7800 XT, astatine $500, is simply a awesome deal.  The RX 7600, astatine $270 and below, is simply a coagulated 1080p option.

AMD’s declare to fame is usually that it tin connection much for less.

The RX 7600 XT, while not a bad GPU, makes very small consciousness to bargain complete Nvidia’s alternatives. Even if nan RTX 4060 (and nan Ti versions) is mediocre value, nan RX 7600 XT is conscionable arsenic bad. With akin capacity and pinch nary DLSS 3.5 to warrant nan value hike, each it does is make Nvidia’s “meh” offerings look amended than they are successful reality.

AMD’s declare to fame is usually that it tin connection much for less. It besides typically offers much VRAM than Nvidia. It’s difficult to opportunity why it chose to stray from what worked successful nan past by overpricing nan RX 7600 XT and adding 16GB VRAM without an interface to match.

I for illustration to guidelines for nan underdog, but I genuinely can’t spot galore reasons to bargain nan RX 7600 XT complete an RTX 4060 correct now. Unless you specifically only want to play nan fewer games wherever nan 16GB of VRAM will make a monolithic difference, aliases request nan GPU for memory-intensive tasks, there’s conscionable nary constituent successful spending that other $30. AMD couldn’t person done Nvidia a bigger favor.

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