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I’ve been utilizing Windows since Version 1.0, bridging nan awesome disagreement betwixt command-line computing and nan graphical personification interface. I ne'er gave nan Mac a effort because it didn’t support my business environment, and successful nan beginning, I enjoyed cobbling together components and squeezing retired each ounce of performance. I was besides a spot of a Windows snob, taking discourtesy astatine Apple’s Mac versus PC commercials and its mostly superior cognition complete nan years.

But lately, I’ve utilized macOS much often and person grown ever much weary of immoderate aspects of Windows that look for illustration they’ll ne'er spell away. So, aft a spot of psyche searching and financial planning, I’ve decided to move to an all-Apple computing environment. Like tons of group successful nan past mates of years, nan Mac renaissance has caught my attraction — and led maine to do nan unthinkable: opportunity goodbye to Windows.

It each started pinch my MacBook Pro

An Apple MacBook Pro 14 sits unfastened connected a table.Apple MacBook Pro 14 Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

My travel toward nan afloat clasp of Mac started innocently enough. A batch of affirmative property was being fixed to nan MacBook Pro past year, and I wanted to cognize for myself really good it compared to nan champion of Windows laptops. So I bought a MacBook Pro 14-inch, reasoning it would beryllium an absorbing summation to my ecosystem of tech and support maine nimble connected what Apple was up to.

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But nan much clip I spent pinch it, nan much I fell successful emotion pinch nan hardware. More and more, it was becoming my go-to laptop erstwhile I wasn’t moving connected immoderate different instrumentality for a review. There’s a batch these MacBook Pros offer, but for me, I began to recognize location were 2 superior things drafting maine to prime it up versus 1 of nan galore Windows laptops I person connected hand.

First is nan keyboard. I request a keyboard that, for immoderate reason, lets maine type astatine afloat velocity without wearing maine out. When you type arsenic galore words arsenic I do successful bid to make a living, you request precisely nan correct consciousness to support highest efficiency.

Second is nan display. I not only type a batch of words, but I look astatine them for hours a day. Gray matter that doesn’t popular against an off-white inheritance is different look for fatigue and mislaid productivity. I request a show pinch nan highest imaginable opposition and pinch clear achromatic backgrounds.

The latest MacBook Pros connection nan very champion of both. The Magic Keyboard is nan champion keyboard around, and I opportunity that aft reviewing 250 laptops complete nan past respective years. And that mini-LED show is superb, pinch inky blacks and crisp text.

Those 2 standout features, connected apical of everything other nan MacBook Pro is fantabulous at, kept maine coming back. I recognize those are very individual reasons, but for maine and my life, they’re essential.

That’s acold from nan extremity of nan journey, though.

The biggest leap

A female sits astatine a table pinch nan M2 Mac Studio connected it.Apple

In summation to my MacBook Pro 14, I besides person an iPad Pro 11 outfitted pinch nan Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. The iPad is for casual use, for illustration web browsing, triaging email, and penning speedy notes arsenic ideas travel to me. It’s a amazingly tin small instrumentality I’ve grown fond of complete nan past respective months. I’ll constitute astir really good it tin service arsenic a “real PC” successful an upcoming communicative — but suffice it to say, it’s recovered a measurement into my regular life.

That intends that I was already two-thirds of nan measurement to all-Apple computing. The holdout has been my Windows desktop, a reasonably powerful instrumentality I usage for my astir individual tasks, specified arsenic managing my finances and various projects extracurricular my exertion writing.

The point is, I usage 3 27-inch 4K displays pinch that desktop, creating a workflow that would beryllium difficult to springiness up. My MacBook Pro 14 uses nan M1 Pro chipset, which supports conscionable 2 outer displays successful summation to nan soul panel. While I could driblet 1 of nan outer monitors and position nan MacBook Pro arsenic my 3rd display, I don’t want to springiness up nan surface size. I’ve utilized laptops successful this configuration earlier and ever recovered nan modulation from ample to mini displays rather jarring.

Also, erstwhile I migrate from stationary to mobile work, I don’t want to hassle pinch plugging and unplugging 2 displays and a fewer different peripherals. And really, moving successful macOS and past switching to Windows for nan aforesaid workflow isn’t ideal.

That led maine to look astatine Apple’s desktop options. I considered nan Mac Mini and nan Mac Studio, some of which tin grip astatine slightest my 3 existent displays. That requires nan astir powerful Mac Mini, though, which is arsenic costly arsenic nan guidelines Mac Studio successful nan configuration I’d want to buy. That would nett maine an M2 Pro chipset versus nan M2 Max successful nan much tin Mac Studio, which makes maine mobility Apple’s marketing. But I digress.

As I conducted much research, I remembered to see Apple’s refurbished machines, which person a beardown estimation for being arsenic bully arsenic new. The Mac Studio has been astir since June 2023, meaning rather a fewer refurb options are available. I recovered nan guidelines Mac Studio M2 Ultra disposable for $3,399, $600 disconnected nan unit price. I’m besides eligible for Apple’s subject discount, which lowered nan value to $3,059. That’s $940 disconnected of list. The M2 Max wasn’t disposable astatine specified a steep discount, making nan M2 Ultra type a amended comparative value.

After superior consideration, I decided to put successful nan M2 Ultra version, which I’m moving connected correct now. I’ll get into much item astir nan acquisition arsenic clip goes on, but for now, I tin opportunity that I for illustration nan machine.

macOS frustrates maine nan least

A personification showing nan desktop successful macOS Sonoma by clicking their wallpaper. Two unfastened windows move retired of nan way, revealing nan desktop.Alex Blake / Digital Trends

Of course, hardware isn’t nan only point to support successful mind erstwhile making a awesome modulation pinch your tech. Software, compatibility, and app ecosystems are arguably moreover much important. As I was making my slow modulation to an all-Apple setup, location were plentifulness of times erstwhile I was jumping back-and-forth betwixt macOS and Windows — sometimes moreover broadside by side. It was an illuminating experience, leaving maine pinch immoderate astonishing observations astir my acquisition pinch nan two.

When it comes down to it, neither Windows nor macOS is simply a cleanable operating system. Each has bits and pieces that I for illustration and immoderate that I dislike. I emotion touch gestures connected Mac, but for illustration nan multi-window multitasking of Windows 11. I could spell connected and on, but some Windows 11 and macOS activity good capable that I tin get my activity done connected either.

However, I can’t disregard nan truth that Windows 11 has been considerably much finicky and a batch little reliable. It has besides begun to consciousness a batch little coherent by comparison. I’ve grown tired, for example, of remembering wherever to alteration a setting. Is it successful nan caller Settings app aliases nan old-school Control Center? It’s unacceptable that Windows 11 still hasn’t integrated everything into 1 place. Here I spell digressing again.

The constituent is that Windows has nary standout characteristic that makes maine want to instrumentality pinch it. The result: a migration to Apple has go a batch much charismatic than it had antecedently been. There’s little dividing nan 2 than location utilized to be, making it a batch easier to warrant a move to Mac than successful nan past.

All but my smartphone

I’m not rather fresh to drawback an iPhone to switch my Android smartphone. I’m not against it, but arsenic my woman would agree, I’ve already spent capable money connected this transition.

So now, I’m utilizing each Apple machines for my computing work, from nan astir aggravated to nan astir casual. It’s early, but truthful far, I’ve enjoyed moving successful nan aforesaid situation arsenic I measurement distant from my desktop and propulsion retired my laptop.

Of course, I’ll proceed utilizing Windows extensively erstwhile I’m reviewing laptops, which will support maine up to day connected Microsoft’s environment. But that still leaves rather a spot of activity to get done. And for that, I’ve stepped complete to what I would person erstwhile considered nan acheronian broadside of computing. I ne'er thought I’d beryllium present — but that should show you conscionable really overmuch nan tables person turned complete nan years.

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