2023 South Side Questions: Could Mason Rudolph Start Next Week If He Has Strong Game? - world News Update

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The Steelers are now backmost astatine nan UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, facing down a agelong regular play that looks a batch much promising fixed really things person gone starring up to it. Finishing conscionable supra .500 past year, they expect being capable to compete pinch immoderate squad successful nan convention this play pinch second-year QB Kenny Pickett starring nan way.

They’ve done a awesome woody to reside what they identified arsenic their shortcomings during nan offseason, which included addressing nan violative and protect lines arsenic good arsenic nan secondary and nan wrong linebacker room, which is astir wholly different from past year. The results person been affirmative truthful far.

Even good into nan regular play and beyond, location are going to beryllium plentifulness of questions that request answered. When will nan halfway rookies get to play, aliases moreover start? Is nan extent capable wherever they upgraded? Can they guidelines toe-to-toe pinch nan Bengals and nan different apical teams successful nan league? We’ll effort to framework nan speech successful applicable ways arsenic agelong arsenic you instrumentality pinch america passim nan season, arsenic we person for galore years.

Question: Could Mason Rudolph commencement adjacent week if he has a beardown game?

Now that we cognize it will so beryllium Mason Rudolph’s clip to commencement connected Saturday, nan mobility is, will it beryllium conscionable a one-game affair? Especially if nan Steelers’ playoff hopes look moreover bleaker aft this game, could nan squad determine to support connected pinch him for astatine slightest 1 game?

Kenny Pickett is not moreover 3 weeks removed from his ankle injury, which was surgically repaired. It would person been highly optimistic for him to return to play this early, but his practicing this past week seemed to time off nan doorway open.

The truth that caput coach Mike Tomlin decided to norm him retired successful spite of his expertise to believe struck maine arsenic significant. It tells maine that they’re not willing successful rushing him back, and they shouldn’t be. The only existent logic for him to play again this twelvemonth would beryllium to get 1 past look astatine him earlier changing his coordinator.

But let’s opportunity Rudolph steps successful and plays well, possibly moreover wins nan crippled against nan Cincinnati Bengals. In theory, there’s nary logic to deliberation that he isn’t amended than Jake Browning connected nan different side. He wins, but Pittsburgh doesn’t get overmuch thief elsewhere. Pickett still isn’t 100 percent adjacent week.

Do they support playing Rudolph for astatine slightest different week nether those circumstances? It wouldn’t precisely beryllium a backmost controversy. But it would possibly beryllium an admittance of defeat. Tomlin has only faced 1 meaningless crippled successful his first 16 years, astatine nan extremity of nan 2013 season. He could beryllium looking to adhd to that full now.